7 Reasons Why I Don’t Want to Go to a School Dance

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The following is a guest post written by my teenage son on why he doesn’t want to attend his first junior-high dance.


You might not know this, but this is my second year in junior high. I’m an 8th grader now, which means this is my last chance to join school clubs and participate in events at my school, like school dances.

My mom is pushing me really hard to go to at least one school dance this year. She forces a lot of stuff on me, but this is one thing I really don’t want to do.

When she asked me why, I told her: Because I just don’t want to.

She said that if I could come up with actual reasons, she’d consider not making me go, which would be really great because there’s a dance next week.

So Mom, I’ve been thinking, and here are 7 reasons why I (and no other junior high student) should have to go to a school dance if they don’t want to:

1. I’m nervous.

My mom made me write this first one. I wouldn’t say I’m “nervous,” I’ve just never been to one so I’m not sure what to expect. I think school dances are probably like the ones on TV and those seem so lame. Also, the kids who go to them never talk about how cool they are, so they must not be that great. I’d also have to wear my glasses because it’s dark in there. And I really hate wearing my glasses.

2. I’m not a dancer.

Dances are for dancers. My mom says that’s not true, but what else are you supposed to do there? If there was a video game activity or even a sporting event at my school, I would probably go, but this is a dance where you have to wear socks and dance in a gym after school. I would just never actually do that.

3. My friends aren’t going.

I have no reason to go to a dance if my friends won’t be there. The girl I like might be there, but she’s really popular so I wouldn’t have a chance to hang out with her anyway. If my friends were going, I’d at least know that I could be with them and probably have an OK time.

4. I’m not going to ask anyone to dance …

… because that’s hard to do. So if I’m not going to do it, why go? I could probably talk to some girls if I wanted to, but it’ll be too loud to talk.

5. I’d just rather be home.

I’d rather be anywhere than at school for longer than I have to be. The dance is right after school and I’ll have been there since 7:45 a.m. I’ll just want to go home after school because I’m tired and hungry. I also have homework and I can’t have my game time until that’s all done, so just let me go home.

6. I don’t care.

School dances aren’t important to me. I have four years of high school coming up; I’ll just go to one later.

7. My mind is made up.

I know a kid whose mom made him go to a school dance and he just waited in the shade outside until his mom came back to get him. He never even went inside. I’ll probably do that, too, and just play on my phone if my mom forces me to go.

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