Reasons Why My Kids Are Crying: Babble Edition

The best humor comes from truth.

Witness the explosive popularity of Reasons My Son Is Crying to fully appreciate the ridiculousness of parenting. Greg Pembrooke, creator of the site, has multiplied his viralĀ Tumblog into a Twitter account, Facebook page and an appearance on Good Morning America (complete with a picture of his son crying because they tried to mic him up).

“They have little meltdowns all the time,” Pembroke told “They just cry for like seven seconds and then are on to the next thing. Anyone that has toddlers or has been around toddlers knows it can be very frustrating. But what I was trying to do is get some humor out of it.”

The 40 or so photos on that Tumblog are just the tip of the iceberg, my friends. I canvassed the crew of bloggers here at Babble to offer up their own photos of kids crying for reasons only reasonable to the child.

  • Reasons Why My Kids Are Crying 1 of 10
    Reasons Why My Kids Are Crying
    Click through and laugh, fellow parents, because it's true.
  • DadCAMP 2 of 10
    Charlie is being consoled by his big brother because swimming lessons were over.
    Image via DadCAMP
  • Casey Mullins 3 of 10
    Casey Mullins
    I ruined her 'walking around in aimless circles around my grandmother's yard' plan. (Addie, circa 2006)
    Image via Casey Mullins
  • Shannon Hilton 4 of 10
    Shannon Hilton
    Charlie is not a fan of rainbows, games, or puddles.
    Image via Shannon Hilton. Used with permission.
  • Jaime Morrison Curtis 5 of 10
    Jaime Morrison Curtis
    Here is scarlet at age 2 crying because she can't have cookies for breakfast. This makes me laugh so hard. #badmom
    Image via Jaime Morrison Curtis
  • Heather Neal 6 of 10
    Heather Neal
    I had the audacity to take a bite of my own sandwich
    Image via Heather Neal
  • Sonya Benham 7 of 10
    Sonya Benham
    Julian is crying because he doesn't want to model the new hat I'd just knit for him.
    Image via Sonya Benham
  • Heather Sokol 8 of 10
    Heather Sokol
    She wasn't the first one down the children's museum slide. She wanted to win this year.
    Image via Just Heather
  • Mari Tuten 9 of 10
    Mari Tuten
    It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!
    Image via Mari Tuten
  • DadCAMP 10 of 10
    Zacharie's noodles touched the sauce. This one is special because there is also video goodness of the 'food fight.'
    Image via DadCAMP

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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