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Redecorating Your Kid’s Room, Star Wars Style – Part 1: Researching Etsy

Lots of things are changing in your kid’s life right around the time they turn 6. Their first teeth are starting to fall out. You can no longer shop for them in the baby/toddler pages. They’re entering gradeschool.

Those are all changes from “kid” to “big kid”. Sure, the “big kid bed” came into the room a few years back, but the cute and cartoony decor is still hanging around. It’s time to redecorate the room.

Right now, my oldest son has a bookshelf for his favorite Lego pieces, a city scene carpet, a tent, lots of his “team” (stuffies), and his wall is decorated with a lot of cartoon-ish whimsy. The only “grown up” thing he has is a map of the world we put up when he was 4.

As Zacharie gets ready to turn 6, we’ve been talking about redecorating. Only one theme has been up for discussion: Star Wars.

(Okay, I may have brought the idea to the table after seeing this bedroom transformation at Daddy Types.)

So, how exactly does one re-do a room Star Wars-style? You pound through pages and pages of art on Etsy.

One night before bed, and after I had bookmarked dozens of images I thought would work for his room, Zacharie and I sat and clicked on them one by one. He offered his design expertise, I steered him to what I thought would work, and we came up with a series of wall clings, posters, and ideas to re-do his room.

  • Star Wars on Etsy 1 of 26
    Star Wars on Etsy
    We had many options, but only a few would be chosen as Jedis for our walls.. check out the options.
  • Trilogy Posters 2 of 26
    Trilogy Posters
    "I think they're pretty awesome. I want that one, and that one, and that one."
    Image via Poster Inspired
  • Minimalist Character Posters 3 of 26
    Minimalist Character Posters
    "I think R2D2 and C3PO are cute."
    Image via A Design Geek
  • Trilogy Posters 4 of 26
    Trilogy Posters
    "I like the words, but can we please look at another one?"
    Image via The Geekerie
  • Personalized Luke 5 of 26
    Personalized Luke
    "Pretty good, but not too good yet. Let's try a Han Solo one."
    Image via My Tiny Tot Creative
  • Personalized Trooper 6 of 26
    Personalized Trooper
    "I need to be bigger to be a Stormtrooper. I think I like that a lot."
    Image via My Tiny Tot Creative
  • Trilogy Posters 7 of 26
    Trilogy Posters
    "I like these ones. It looks like Master Yoda with Luke Skywalker."
    Image via Lynx Collection
  • Personalized Vader 8 of 26
    Personalized Vader
    "Daddy, can we get that one? Once he was a good guy then he was a bad guy. That's what I really like about him."
    Image via My Tiny Tot Creative
  • R2 9 of 26
    Image via The Geekerie
  • Vinyl X-Wing 10 of 26
    Vinyl X-Wing
    "Crazy! Daddy, I just want to have those big ones."
    Image via Lapoon Studio
  • Vinyl Falcon 11 of 26
    Vinyl Falcon
    "Ohhhh! I just want to get that painted on my wall. I just really love that."
    Image via Lapoon Studio
  • Vinyl Logo 12 of 26
    Vinyl Logo
    "That's pretty cool. It's Luke and somebody else."
    Image via Lapoon Studio
  • Vinyl AT-AT 13 of 26
    Vinyl AT-AT
    "That one is huge Daddy, I don't think that could fit in my room."
    Image via Lapoon Studio
  • Vinyl Solo 14 of 26
    Vinyl Solo
    "Oh, I think that would look awesome. I want that to be in Charlie's room."
    Image via Lapoon Studio
  • Character Quotes 15 of 26
    Character Quotes
    "The bestest ones are Master Yoda and the X-Wing fighter."
    Image via Purple Cow Posters
  • R2 16 of 26
    "I love that picture of R2D2."
    Image via Aswego Arts
  • New Hope Poster 17 of 26
    New Hope Poster
    "They're coming to defeat the Death Star."
    Image via Aswego Arts
  • Lightsaber Vinyl 18 of 26
    Lightsaber Vinyl
    "I want to have that. Luke and Darth Vader are having a light saver fight."
    Image via Vinyls Direct
  • Trilogy Posters 19 of 26
    Trilogy Posters
    "I like AT-ATs because of the big round part. They look like elephants in the snow."
    Image via Planet Store
  • A Long Time Ago 20 of 26
    A Long Time Ago
    "I like it, but I want to have one on the ceiling. Why can't we have a poster on the ceiling?"
    Image via JJ Decals
  • Vader 21 of 26
    "I like it."
    Image via Geeked Out Designs
  • Yoda 22 of 26
    "I like it."
    Image via Geeked Out Designs
  • R2 23 of 26
    "I like it."
    Image via Geeked Out Designs
  • Stormtrooper 24 of 26
    "I like it."
    Image via Geeked Out Designs
  • Battle At The Death Star 25 of 26
    Battle At The Death Star
    "I like them because it's so cool."
    Image via In Shining Armor
  • Sheets 26 of 26
    "Those are the coolest ever!"
    Image via Pottery Barn Kids

Up next I’ll give you the before and after for Zacharie’s room showing which pieces we eventually chose, and how easy / difficult it was to get the art from Etsy and get it on his wall.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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