Redecorating Your Kid’s Room Star Wars Style – Part 2: Getting It On The Wall

First you get rid of the crib, and get them a ‘big boy bed.’ Then, around the time of their 5th birthday, the cartoony characters need to come down for something more befitting a growing kid.

Maybe it’s sports posters. Maybe it’s superheroes. Maybe it’s Star Wars.

My son and I spent a long time flipping through pages and pages and pages of Star Wars art on Etsy looking for the perfect pieces for his room.

They arrived last week, and we spent an afternoon moving his bed around, peeling off his kiddie cartoon art, and giving his room some big boy style.

Here’s how it went down.

  • Star Wars Room 1 of 27
    Star Wars Room
    Here's how we redecorated my son's Star Wars room. From cute and cuddly kiddy style, to a rough and tumble Jedi warrior. Flip through the ideas, the method, and the things we wish we could have gotten.
  • Before 2 of 27
    Here's how his room looked before. The headboard was against an outside wall, and he would often complain about hearing the wind howling between the houses. The cutesy stickers also came down to be placed on the wall in his little brother's room.
  • Before 3 of 27
    Zacharie made some blueprints of how he wanted his furniture moved, so we slid the bed to the inside wall, ditched the headboard, and moved out the Ikea tent to the basement.
  • Position Death Star Attack 4 of 27
    Position Death Star Attack
    We chose a few vinyl wall stickers to be placed on the wall. First up was the collection of the attack on the Death Star.
    Stickers via In Shining Armor
  • Peel and Stick 5 of 27
    Peel and Stick
    Use a credit card to get out the air bubbles and peel back the paper.
  • How’s It Look? 6 of 27
    How's It Look?
    The vinyl stickers come on one big sheet. We cut them out individually, and placed them on the wall where we wanted them to go, before making easy adjustments.
  • Part 1 Done 7 of 27
    Part 1 Done
    We chose a silver for the vinyl stickers which means they sometimes look invisible depending on the way the light shines. Second thought, probably should have picked black, but Zacharie likes the way the Millennium Falcon appears and disappears.
    Stickers via In Shining Armor
  • Part 2 Begins 8 of 27
    Part 2 Begins
    We ditched the headboard leaving a lot of room for the main feature wall.
    Logo via JJ Decals
  • Feature Wall 9 of 27
    Feature Wall
    This was a little trickier because of the size of the vinyl stickers. Making everything straight, and aligned was difficult, so I cut them into pieces after they went on the wall.
  • Far Far Away 10 of 27
    Far Far Away
    Big stickers are much more difficult to stick on correctly.
  • Star Wars Star 11 of 27
    Star Wars Star
    By moving his bed to this wall, he also has easy access to his night light that he can turn off and on from his bed.
  • Star Wars! 12 of 27
    Star Wars!
    Up close it's not a good job, there are bubbles...
    Logo via JJ Decals
  • Star Wars! 13 of 27
    Star Wars!
    but from the other side of the room it looks perfect! 🙂
    Logo via JJ Decals
  • Darth Vader 14 of 27
    Darth Vader
    Momma is not a fan of the dark Darth art, but it's a 'big boy' room now, right? We just popped the poster in an old Ikea Ribba frame and voila!
    Poster via Geeked Out Designs
  • Jedi Force 15 of 27
    Jedi Force
    A fuzzy cube is now the bedside table featuring these great Jedi Force ships. They are targeted for a younger age, but they are so durable the boys spend hours, and hours playing, crashing, and flying them.
    Figures from Hasbro Jedi Force
  • Lego Table 16 of 27
    Lego Table
    We replaced the Ikea tent with a work table. While the boys have a huge Lego play area in our rumpus room, Zacharie gets to keep his Star Wars Lego sets separate in his room where he can store everything in his Millennium Falcon case and have some private building sessions.
    Lego carry case from Amazon
  • R2D2 17 of 27
    Darth is pretty ominous over his bed, I admit. From the other wall, that he can see from his pillow, a whimsical R2D2 beeps and bops at him.
    Poster via Geeked Out Designs
  • 16 18 of 27
    The corner of the room has so much more space now that we moved the bed, and ditched the tent. He can sit and have solo time playing with his Lego, staring at the Death Star and telling stories.
  • Darth Bank 19 of 27
    Darth Bank

    Bank from Old Navy
  • Calendar 20 of 27
    Zacharie has to work on his penmanship, so he loves making X's on the days and counting ahead to birthdays and big trips. We hung this small calendar on his bookcase.
    Calendar from a local calendar shop dollar store.
  • Master Yoda 21 of 27
    Master Yoda
    Yoda goes to the bathroom to keep a watchful eye over the boys when they brush their teeth.
    Poster via Geeked Out Designs
  • Masks 22 of 27
    I got these masks at the grocery store, and we love playing dressup with them. Tickle trunks are always important, and we're starting to get quite the Star Wars collection going.
  • Sticker Book 23 of 27
    Sticker Book
    Any time we see Star Wars sticker books, we'll grab them to save for birthday, Easter, whatever. This one is a favorite.
  • After 24 of 27
    It's not perfect, (I'm no Ty Pennington from Extreme Home Makeover), but what matters most is my son loves it. It's a win for him, so it's a win for me!!
  • AT-AT Bed 25 of 27
    AT-AT Bed
    While I'm proud of the new room, and Zacharie loves it, it's not quite the perfect Star Wars room when compared to the rest of the class.
    Image via Obvious Winner
  • X-Wing Bed 26 of 27
    X-Wing Bed
    This toddler gets an extreme room complete with X-Wing video game system.
    Image via Darth Daddy 42
  • Planetarium 27 of 27
    We have been long seeking out the perfect planetarium device to shine stars on the ceiling. Santa might be packing this one for the new room in December.
    Image via Japan Trend Shop

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