On Rediscovering Lost Videos Of Your Kids And Thinking – “Wow. What A Lifetime Ago.”

When I first started putting videos of my kids online, I cared a lot more about privacy than I do now. I didn’t really “get” YouTube in the early days, so I put my more personal videos on Viddler to share with family and friends.

Well, Viddler is closing their personal account services on March 11 to focus on pro and business accounts. They sent out a note saying personal account data won’t be freely available after the 11th, so I’m downloading all my old videos from the site and transferring them to YouTube.

To be honest, I had forgotten about all the clips I had put up there. While I’ve done a good job of archiving original videos on discs, external drives, and the cloud, they’re not on my local computer, so I don’t look at them that often. This website was like going into the attic and rediscovering lost videos of your kids.

I found a random three minute video of Zacharie crawling around our kitchen, pulling himself up, cooing, talking, and being a 13-month-old. I put it up on YouTube, and fired the link to my wife.

“Wow. What a lifetime ago,” she texted back.

In reality, it was only about five years ago.

To those who would chastise us (bloggers) for videoing, photographing, and writing about the minutiae of our kids’ lives, you’re missing out on the memory of a lifetime ago.

I hope you are videoing, photographing, and blogging the heck out of this lifetime of your kids. I hope you’ve got the clips in multiple places so that you never lose the chance to stumble into those memories.

Trust me, it’s worth it when you share that “wow” sigh with your spouse.

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P.S. If you’ve got some stuff on Viddler, get it off there quickly, they will close up personal accounts next week.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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