Reflections on Letting Go

It was just a short time ago that I came to this very same park. I always dreaded getting to the section where the swings were because when we got there, it was chaotic for me.

All three kids needed to be pushed on the swings. My youngest was in the baby swing and the two older kids were about 20 feet away in the big kid swings.

What happened during swinging time is that mom got an intense cardio workout. I ran from swing to swing pushing each kid to get them higher and higher. Then I ran off to the other swings to do the same for the other kids.

They squealed with delight and they begged, “Push me again, Mommy” or “Push me higher, Mommy” or “My turn. My turn, Mommy”

I was hot, sweaty mess by the end of swinging so this was usually the end of the park trip for us. I always saved the swings for last.

I so desperately wanted them to be able to do the swings themselves so I could get a little break at the park. I wanted to sit on the bench with all of the other relaxed looking parents and read or just hang out while keeping one eye on the kids.

I wished for that.

Today was a beautiful day here in Atlanta. It was 63 degrees when I left the house. I instantly decided that after I picked the kids up in carpool we were going to head to the park.

The park was packed and we did the usual… landing at the swings last.

I went to push the kids and all three said, “Were good. We know how to swing ourselves.” WHAT??? I thought to myself. How could they not need me? How was this possible?

I sat on the bench pouting for a few minutes. When did my kids grow up? How did they get so self sufficient? Well self sufficient at the park anyway.

My sulking didn’t last long because over all of the other children playing at the park, I could hear my daughter yelling, “Look at me. Look at me. I am swinging towards the sky. I am flying. Look how high I can go.”

Her enthusiasm and laughter was contagious. People stopped to look at her. They always do. This child is just so full of life.

Thankfully the free time allowed me to take some great pictures of them like the one above.

Funny how this parenting this is, isn’t it?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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