Rick Grimes is Not Bonding with His Newborn Because, Zombies

file0001174312433I’m worried about Judith, the newborn baby on The Walking Dead. As if losing her mother weren’t enough, now she’s missing out on important bonding time with her daddy, de facto leader and head zombie killer, Sheriff Rick Grimes.

We have learned so much about the importance of bonding with newborns. Baby Judith is only a few weeks old. This is prime bonding time. Too bad it’s also a zombie apocalypse. Rick has managed to obtain formula and diapers. But are her emotional needs being met?

According to the Baby Zone, newborns must attach to their parents.

“Keep your baby’s environment calm and pleasant. Keep lights low as your new baby’s eyes are still getting used to the light. Play quiet songs or even read the paper out loud so your baby hears your comforting voice. Provide quiet times when she seems overstimulated (acting fussy or bored and looking away). You are teaching her that you and her new life are a secure and safe anchor. And in such a place, your baby’s brain will grow. ”

Oh dear. [Some spoilers ahead.]

I’m worried about Judith’s brain growth! Her tasty, tasty brain growth.

Rick is so busy strategizing, attacking, hallucinating, and worrying about his little group of survivors that he has not had time to brush his frizzled bangs out of his face, let alone provide any of the following bonding essentials for Baby Judith:

Face-to-Face Contact (I think he has held her twice.)

Sucking (Did anyone think to loot a pacifier?)

Tummy Time (In a filthy prison? I don’t think so.)

Massage (If anyone needs a massage, it’s Rick. The poor Sheriff hasn’t slept a wink for 3 episodes. He’s in no state to administer a calming baby massage.)

Singing (The only singing Rick will be doing is faintly humming along to the music he hears in his head.)

Swaddling (Older brother Carl is doing his best to care for his little sister, but his mom had no time to teach him the finer points of swaddling before she, well, turned.)

Poor Rick. He’s got his hands full. And like most new moms, he hasn’t showered or done his hair for days. He might take comfort in this advice from Susan M. Heim and Holly Engel-Smothers in Boosting Your Baby’s Brain Power,

You may feel cut off from the rest of the world. But when you ask anyone who’s been through the experience, they’ll share that your baby will grow out of this stage before you know it. She will be wearing the next size diaper and the bigger clothes from her full closet. She’ll be holding her head steady and eating more. And you’ll be so deeply in love, head over heels, starry-eyed, and crazier about your baby than you ever thought possible. You’ll be the image of Mommy that you always thought you’d be—only better.

More images of Mommy? I’m not sure that’s such a good idea for Rick.

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