Rough Stuff My Kids WILL Experience (And I Dread)

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. Just birthing a baby and making it through the first few nights certifies you for champ status in my book. But there’s more to come.

Raising kids doesn’t end when they start solids or go to school. We raise our children until they become adults and, even then, they’re still our babies. Can you imagine? It’s hard enough letting that little guy cry it out through one night of sleep training. How will it feel to watch him get his heartbroken?

Check out the list of experiences that are bound to happen to my kids as they grow up. And I am secretly dreading. It makes teething and tummy aches seem like kid stuff.


  • Trying and Failing 1 of 10
    Trying and Failing
    We spend so much time and effort getting our kids to "Try!" and "Don't quit!" It's good advice to try and not to quit, for sure. But it's kind of awful when you try really hard and you fail anyway. It happens. And it doesn't feel good. More than anything I want my kids to be resilient so failing doesn't become an insurmountable set back.
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  • Having Their Beliefs Denigrated 2 of 10
    Having Their Beliefs Denigrated
    Precious babies come with precious souls. Whatever your beliefs, you probably impart them to your children and you probably want a little respect for them. I'm sure your kids will grow up to be good sports if, say, a Broadway musical makes fun of their religion or something like that. Of course bigotry is terrible manners, but if your kids plan to go to school or get on the internet you might want to give them a head's up.
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  • Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love Them 3 of 10
    Loving Someone Who Doesn't Love Them
    You know how horrible it feels because it happened to you fifty times before you turned 14. There's no way to spare our kids this normal part of life, but dang. It's one thing to have been a tortured, angsty tween, it's another thing to mother one.
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  • Feeling Stupid 4 of 10
    Feeling Stupid
    Feeling stupid is the worst. Don't you hate how it feels when you do or say something dumb or someone makes it clear that they think you're an idiot? It's almost unthinkable that our own kids will ever feel this way because, as we know, they are immeasurably gifted. I hope my kids don't feel stupid very often.
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  • Being Mistreated By a Friend 5 of 10
    Being Mistreated By a Friend
    You can probably handle unkind words from a stranger, but it's so painful to be mistreated by someone you thought was a real friend. Navigating friendships can be tough on a kid. Oh, my poor babies.
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  • Getting Old, Fat, Bald, or Sick 6 of 10
    Getting Old, Fat, Bald, or Sick
    We celebrate all sorts of physical milestones as our kids age: weight gain, teeth, walking. Once they hit puberty, though, it starts to become less cute and then it's pretty much down hill. There's no shame in aging—It happens to all of us. I'm just not sure how it will feel to watch my son's hairline recede. Is there a scrapbook for that?
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  • Getting Laid Off 7 of 10
    Getting Laid Off
    Of course I think all of my children will be wildly successful and any company (or department of surgery) would be lucky to have them. But the economy may not love them as much as I do—PERISH THE THOUGHT.
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  • Being Treated Badly By a Boyfriend 8 of 10
    Being Treated Badly By a Boyfriend
    And this is when I Google "untraceable poisons" and "justifiable homicide." Not kidding, even a little.
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  • Losing Me 9 of 10
    Losing Me
    It's not because I'm so great and wonderful, it's just sad to think about my kids losing their mother some day. They're going to take it hard. I can't bear the thought. Can you?
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  • Having to Settle 10 of 10
    Having to Settle
    Since my kids were born, I've done what I think is best for them. I want the best for them, literally. As an adult, I know that compromise is a regular part of life and that it's actually rare to get your very best, number one choice of everything. But I refuse to reconcile these two thoughts. I want my kids to marry their soul mate, live in their dream house, and work at a job they love.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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