Round 2 – Readers Admit: I Knew I Became My Mother When…

Last week I asked readers to complete the sentence “I knew I became my mother when…”. Your responses were so overwhelming and fantastical that we just had to ask the question again for round 2! I mean, how could we not?!

Whether its a thing you say, a look you give, or the fact that you look just like her, chances are your mother has influenced your parenting style.

Check out how your fellow mothers knew they became their mother in round 2!

  • Sweet escape 1 of 18
    Sweet escape
    "...I finally understood and became my mom when after a loooooong week of cleaning, and playing, wiping and cooking, instead of playing my husband and my boys at the park...I'd much rather sit back with a good book. I used to think my mom felt lonely and sad by herself. Now I realize that she was in heaven :)" via Dorian Ancheta
  • On a stain and a prayer 2 of 18
    On a stain and a prayer
    "When I looked at my son and said you better pray that comes out of the carpet." via Whitney Maca
  • Change in priorities 3 of 18
    Change in priorities
    "my wants were no longer important!! i used to be selfish, now i concentrate that on my 4 children." via Angela Clapper
  • Cold feet 4 of 18
    Cold feet
    "When I always made my kids put socks on cuz' I knew they were going to catch a cold running around barefooted!" via Gwyn Driskill Koszalka
  • Be careful 5 of 18
    Be careful
    "I said time 4 a nap guys,I said stop running your going to fall, I started calling my kids off the hook like my mom does me." via Veronica Sanchez
  • Gettin’ chilly with it 6 of 18
    Gettin' chilly with it
    "When I told my kids I wasn't air conditioning the whole neighborhood!!!" via Shanika GetonMylevel Williams
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall 7 of 18
    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    "I passed by a mirror and saw my mother looking back at me :)" via Jennifer Capple
  • Happy pants 8 of 18
    Happy pants
    "When I said the line 'oh well you can get glad in the same pants you got mad in' to my daughter after she got upset with me for disciplining her." via Elise Velez
  • Color wonder 9 of 18
    Color wonder
    "I added carrots to a dish "for color." via Jennifer Hudson
  • Hahaha! Oopsie! 10 of 18
    Hahaha! Oopsie!
    "when a laghed when one of my kids fell not knoing wut else to do cus u don't wanna make them more upset my mom was famous for that" via Nicole Labelle-Cambio
  • Whew! 11 of 18
    "I havent yet, thank goodness...." via Cindy McGinnis
  • Chilly willy 12 of 18
    Chilly willy
    "I told someone else to put on a sweater because I was cold." via Ann Barberg Geyer
  • I tune out 13 of 18
    I tune out
    "I seriously started ignoring my daughter when she constantly calls mommy for nothing. My mom was good at that... Still is lol ♥" via Kristen Hope Calloway
  • Like mother, like daughter 14 of 18
    Like mother, like daughter
    "In a good way, My mother is a good mother and so am i." via Monia Gross-Walton
  • Change your tone 15 of 18
    Change your tone
    "I started telling my kids...'Don't look at me in that tone of voice'" via Rikki Lynne
  • Do as I say 16 of 18
    Do as I say
    "I tell my kids to do as I say not as I do. My mom used it on me and it didn't work. Not sure why it keeps coming out of my mouth. Miss you Mom!!" via Gretchen Shimek
  • Penny wise 17 of 18
    Penny wise
    "I said to the person at the drive through window, 'hang on i have a penny!'" via Lacey Jernigan
  • I got yelly 18 of 18
    I got yelly
    "When I started yelling & screaming to get my point across" via Silvia Kim

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Confession time: When did you know you became your mother?

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