Round 2: Readers Share What Makes Them a Kid at Heart

Oh, to be young again.

If I had a time machine I’d travel back to the 3rd grade (’cause 4th grade math was just too hard) and enjoy having a personal chauffeur, relish in the ability to sleep in, and convince my parents to buy stock in Apple. I’d jump face first into my stuffed animal covered bed and worry about things like Barbie’s missing heels instead of mortgages and kindergarten registration.

While we can’t travel back in time (just yet), there’s no reason we can’t bring a little childhood fun back into our lives. You know, those simple little things that make us feel naughty and free.

Babble asked their fine readers the question, “The one thing that makes me feel like a kid at heart is _________.”

Check out what our readers had to say after the jump and be sure to check out more fabulous responses in Round 1!

  • So many things! 1 of 13
    So many things!
    "Using colorful pens, skipping to the car, hugging a cute stuffed animal, and tickling!" via Christina Mayne
    Photo credit: Shutterstock
  • Playtime 2 of 13
    "I feel like a kid when I am playing with my daughter! :)" via Jaime Wilson-Miller
    Photo credit: Shutterstock
  • Nom nom nom 3 of 13
    Nom nom nom
    "eating cookies and milk" via Patricia Sosa
    Photo credit: Shutterstock
  • Color me happy 4 of 13
    Color me happy
    "Coloring in coloring books :)" via Heather May
    Photo credit: Shutterstock
  • Weeeeeeeeee! 5 of 13
    "Going on a roller coaster!" via Rebekah Davis Sprecher
    Photo credit: Shutterstock
  • Having fun! 6 of 13
    Having fun!
    "Surfing and racing karts" via Andrea Justina
    Photo credit: Shutterstock
  • Wii love it! 7 of 13
    Wii love it!
    "playing wii with my kids" via Jeni Dodge
    Photo credit: Shutterstock
  • Hee hee! 8 of 13
    Hee hee!
    "Playing practical jokes...I do it everyday maybe I've never really grown up LOL" via April Sunshine Kretzmeier
    Photo credit: Shutterstock
  • Toon time 9 of 13
    Toon time
    "Watching cartoons with my 4 yr old son." via Carolynn Flowers
    Photo credit: Shutterstock
  • Christmas joy 10 of 13
    Christmas joy
    Watching my babies open gifts on Christmas day. via Kim Skipworth
    Photo credit: Shutterstock
  • Tastes of childhood 11 of 13
    Tastes of childhood
    "Having picnics of PB&J, chips and apple juice!" via Bonnie Giguere Graham
    Photo credit: Shutterstock
  • High tea 12 of 13
    High tea
    "Dressing up and watching Princess movies while having a tea party"via Carla Marie Engle
    Photo credit: Shutterstock
  • Getting playful 13 of 13
    Getting playful
    "When my hubby tickles me and I can't stop laughing!" via Jamie Walton
    Photo credit: Shutterstock

Your turn! What makes you a kid at heart?

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