Santa, Destroyer of Fun (A Contest!)

Over the years, my children have had a rocky relationship with Santa.

There have been ups, there have been downs, and there have been lots of tears. There has also been lots of booze consumed. Both on my end and, I’m sure, on the part of some of the poor Santas we’ve visited.

I’m not entirely sure why I kept taking them back every year. It was torture for everyone involved. But I think I expected it to get better. And it did, as they got older. But as soon as one kid was old enough to appreciate the experience I’d added another kid to the mix who was completely unappreciative and…terrified.

Check out our Santa photos through the years, and find out how you can win some awesome prizes with your Santa photos…after the jump!

  • 2006 1 of 4
    There was going to be NO convincing 20 month old Dylan to sit anywhere near Santa, let alone on Santa's lap.
  • 2007 2 of 4
    While at the mall for another event, we saw Santa on the lower level (we were upstairs) and he LOST HIS MIND. It took me 30 minutes to get him to stop bawling and then I had to spend another 30 minutes to convince him to go downstairs so we could leave. We had to to leave through an exit on the opposite side of the Mall from the Santa booth.
  • 2007 3 of 4
    Following that disastrous "encounter" with Santa, we skipped a visit altogether. But then on Christmas morning, my Uncle showed up in a dog costume wearing a Santa hat. While my nephew loved it, Dylan wanted nothing to do with the Holiday Dog.
  • 2009 4 of 4
    I have no idea what happened in 2008, I can't find a photo anywhere. We may have skipped it, I may have simply lost the photo. 2009 had us bribing Zachary, at just over 2 years old, to sit in the picture. A candy cane and boxed toys did the trick. But it took about 10 minutes of convincing. Even then, he would only sit in front of Santa.

If you have an entertaining photo of your child with Santa, and you KNOW you do, enter it in Babble’s Bad Santa Photo Contest for a chance to win one of three awesome prizes from Kodak! And then head out to your local mall to give Santa a hug and a pat on the back. It’s a thankless job sometimes!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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