Santa Doesn't Do Jack

This Christmas is going to be huge.

It’s the first year BooBoo really gets Santa and if my intuition is right, this may be the last year Boy Wonder believes.

My kids have been busy hijacking every Christmas catalog they can find and circling the millions of toys they hope Santa will bring them. They want to write Santa letters, draw him pretty pictures, bake him cookies and love him and hug him and squeeze him all over. Isn’t that so sweet? I mean, isn’t it?

Well I think so, especially considering Santa doesn’t do jack.

Tell me again why Santa gets all the credit? Oh right, in the name of tradition.

Did Santa escape certain death on Black Friday? Did Santa have the forethought to pre-order that video game online? Did Santa build that bike on Christmas Eve? Um, I’m gonna go with no.

Despite the obvious thunder-stealing, I want my kids to believe in Santa, but would it be so wrong to suggest a public joint venture with the jolly old guy?

Let’s give a little credit where credit is due! At least then I’d have an answer for questions like, “How does Santa get Nintendo DS’s? It’s not like elves can build them.” It’s my inability to answer these questions effectively that’s going to ultimately blow the lid off this thing. If I could tell Boy Wonder that Santa commissioned Mom to get that Nintendo DS, I think the illusion of Santa could continue at least into his teen years, don’t you think?

Santa has taken credit for generations of parental blood, sweat and tears and who am I to change things? I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of a fat old guy breaking into their house, eating our food and leaving presents for our children as a bribe for good behavior.

In the name of tradition and childhood wonder I’m going to enjoy the magic of Christmas as long as I can. And if I can manage to squeeze another year of believing out of Boy Wonder, you better believe I will.

[Illustration credit: My hubs]

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