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Say Cheese! My Search for the Best Mommy Camera

What kind of camera do you use when you take pictures of your kids? It’s so hard to pick just one! I have four different kinds of cameras and take an average of 500,000 million pictures of my kids a day. Hooray for digital cameras and massive memory cards!

Besides taking a photojournalism class in college ten years ago, I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to photography. I started out by using a digital Point and Shoot, then I used my iPhone’s camera, a few months ago I splurged on a fancy DSLR, and last week I used a simple Holga toy camera. Out of all the cameras I’ve used, I’m not convinced that a perfect camera exists. They all seem to have their benefits and pitfalls.

I put together a slideshow of pictures of my kids. Each picture was taken with a different camera. You be the judge: What type of camera do you think is best for capturing childhood? 

I still own all four of the cameras I mentioned above. Here’s how I decide which camera I’m going to use when I take pictures of my kids:

Digital Point and Shoot: I use this as my backup camera. I can keep one on the bottom of my bag and I don’t even noticed it. It’s a great option when I don’t want to carry around a bulky DSLR.  I’m always surprised at the features these tiny cameras offer. Read the owners manual and you’ll be shocked at the amount of control you can have over the pictures!

iPhone’s Camera: I use this camera when an unexpected and fabulous moment occurs. I also used this camera for my blog before I sprurged on my DSLR camera. There’s tons of apps with filters that make every picture look like art! Check out the first few months of my blog for examples of iPhone pictures. Fun and colorful!

DSLR: This is the camera I use when I’m trying to get pictures for my blog. It’s heavy and bulky, but I ADORE the results. It makes my blog look polished and professional. I’m currently happy with my Canon T2i and 50mm lens, but someday I hope to upgrade. I love to go to Nicole Hill Gerulat’s Camera Bag and dream about what I’ll get next!

Holga: This is a great option when I’m up for a challenge. It’s so scary to only get 12 chances on each roll of film! Because of this, it makes me a little more thoughtful when I take a picture.  I like the process of loading the film, winding it up after each picture, and waiting for the film to develop. The anticipation is part of the fun!

Now that you know the kind of cameras I own, can you guess which ones I used in the following pictures? Is there one that you like the best? How do you decide what camera you are going to use when you take pictures of your kids?

  • What Camera Did I Use? 1 of 8
    What Camera Did I Use?
    I love the concentrated look on my daughter's face. The bored look on the kid behind her also cracks me up. Despite the fact that none of the kids are smiling in this picture, this camera somehow captures the whimsy of childhood. It makes life look like a carnival!
  • The Holga 2 of 8
    The Holga
    While you can buy this camera for under $30, you will have to spend around $10 more for film and developing each time. Something to keep in mind if you choose this toy camera!
    Buy a Holga Camera at Amazon
  • What Camera Did I Use? 3 of 8
    What Camera Did I Use?
    Here we are on Top of the Rock. In the background you can see the Empire State Building. I love that this picture captures my kids searching and discovering all the different views. If I took it a second later, I might have missed it! Good thing I always have this camera on me!
  • iPhone 4 of 8
    I love the convenience of the iPhone. It was the only camera I used it for years! What photo app do you use when you want to add a filter to a picture?
    Buy an iPhone at The Apple Store
  • What Camera Did I Use? 5 of 8
    What Camera Did I Use?
    There's no mistaking the magazine quality images this camera takes. But this camera has it's downfalls too. Are the results worth the trouble?
  • Canon Rebel T2i with a 50mm lens 6 of 8
    Canon Rebel T2i with a 50mm lens
    I adore the pictures this camera takes. It makes me feel like a professional! Downfalls: It's bulky and pricey. I take it along when I know I'm going to do something photo worthy which means I might miss out on some good candid shots.
    Buy a Canon Rebel t2i at B&H Photo
  • What Camera Did I Use? 7 of 8
    What Camera Did I Use?
    In this picture, the lighting isn't perfect but I love the mood. It was the first day we were aloud to play in our backyard after they put the new grass down. We were stoked!
  • Kodak EasyShare 8 of 8
    Kodak EasyShare
    I love that this camera is under $100 and is so small. It's a great option if you don't want to carry around a huge camera. Takes great pictures and I love the purple body!
    Buy a Kodak EasyShare at Target



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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