Say What? Words Kids Mispronounce!

Ask any parent you know and they’ll tell you. At some point their child mispronounced a word and they thought it was adorable.  Because it was.  And once the child learns the correct pronunciation, it’s gone forever and we are left with the memory of the smiles that the not-quite-right word elicited.

Click through for some of the favorite mispronunciations that my kids delivered, as well as those of some other bloggers’ children.

And if you have any to contribute, please leave a comment and they may be included in the next Say What? roundup.

  • Lellow! 1 of 10
    Magpie Musings' daughter made yellow her own.
    Photo credit: MorgueFile
  • Straw Babies 2 of 10
    Straw Babies
    I don't know about you, but I can't wait for some fresh straw babies at the green market this summer! (Thanks to Lori from New Orleans for contributing!)
    Photo credit: MorgueFile
  • Ephelant 3 of 10
    I'd love to hear Halala Mama's son point out ephelants at the zoo!
    Photo credit: MorgueFile
  • Oprah! 4 of 10
    My 13 year old daughter still calls "opera" Oprah. What is odd is how often the word "opera" comes up.
    Photo credit: MorgueFile
  • Gatoregg! 5 of 10
    That's what Meghan's son calls Gatorade and I can't believe that they haven't trademarked it yet. Because Gatoregg would be more than a beverage. It would be practically breakfast!
  • Melon! 6 of 10
    My daughter called lemons melons and she also made mellonade.
    Photo Credit: MorgueFile
  • Heppa-Toppa! 7 of 10
    I love that Josette's daughter said this for helicopter because it reminds me of the noise that the propeller makes!
    Photo credit: MorgueFile
  • Glassesses 8 of 10
    Susan's son made glasses super plural!
    Photo credit: MorgueFile
  • Torteweeenie! 9 of 10
    Tortellini was never more delicious (or adorable) than when my kids were in the 4 to 6 years old!
    Photo credit: MorgueFile
  • F*&^ie! 10 of 10
    My daughter pronounced "froggie" in a way that made it sound like.something.very.different. And that summer, it seemed that froggies were everywhere.
    Photo credit: MorgueFile

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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