Seeing The Black Keys in Concert with My Son

I made a goal this year–no lie–to use the word “awesome” less. It’s getting a little over used, I think. But there’s just no way around it: The Black Keys are awesome. They are the real deal. I don’t think there’s been anyone like them for, I don’t know, 20 years? Whenever I read something great, see something beautiful, or hear something amazing I have this experience (and maybe you’re having it right now) where I want to give the person who created it all of my money. As soon as Dan Auerbach started singing I felt overwhelmingly that I just wanted to give him all of my money because he deserves it. And so does Patrick Carney. He hunched over those drums and hunkered down like a gorilla man. Boom. All my money.

And how was it to see the concert with my 14-year-old son, Sam?

It was awesome. I’ve taken my him to They Might Be Giants and Sting. A few weeks ago I dropped him and my daughter Maggie off at the Neon Trees concert at a local high school. And last night we saw The Black Keys. It’s been a long time coming–I tapped and hummed through four years of Kindermusik with that kid. Finally. A reward of parenting. There aren’t as many as you’d think, I find.

Even though it makes me seem a little shallow, one of the things I’m most proud of about my 14-year-old son is his taste in music. He loved the concert. We both did. And since my husband (henceforth known as DH. Kidding!) had to be out of town last night, Sam made a companionable concert partner. Oh, it was so boss.

It’s a little like my son is just getting to know me for the first time now that he’s older. It’s not that I was fake when he was a baby, it’s just that singing along to the Wiggles and saying “Soooooo big!” isn’t the totality of my personality. My heart beats faster when the band comes out. I am obsessed with seeing their shoes. I demand encores pretty vehemently. I take the wrong exits and can’t find things even with Google Maps. As your kids get older they get to know a little bit more about you and how you are. It’s kind of weird to have another sentient person around–not that babies aren’t sentient. But they don’t always have the best taste in music and they are NOT good navigators.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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