Serious Parenting Tip: How to Sleep on Your Face

You might think I’m kidding, but I’m not. I discovered this new way to sleep after having my fourth and final baby. I wish I would have known about it sooner. At the risk of stating something obvious that everyone figured out before me, please allow me to share this day-time sleeping position with you.

Sometimes parents are tired. With kids you know that you can’t get into your bed. They won’t let you. Of course you can steal a few hours during nap time or TV time or playing with beautiful wooden toy time (myth) but what about when your preschooler demands your presence? Mine does almost 100% of the time. Note that I said presence. It doesn’t always have to be full-on attention.

But they get suspicious if you lay on a pillow—somehow they are very tuned in to your comfort level. Your comfort makes them uncomfortable. I can’t sleep on my back—if you can you are lucky. My husband can and he has all kinds of games he plays with the kids while he sleeps on his back such as “build a tower out of pillows on dad” and “dead pioneer.” This might work for you.

For us side and back sleepers, it’s not that uncomfortable to lay on the floor and fold your arms under your head and try to rest that way. But take it from me, it won’t last long because your arms fall asleep—you see, I am really serious here. This is serious advice. Here’s what works for me: I lay flat on my face. No one notices or asks me for anything. They think I’m still playing. They can tell I’m totally uncomfortable so they see no need to disrupt me. Then I turn my head to the side. This won’t be comfortable at first. But just let your neck relax and in a few minutes you will settle right in to the carpet (it won’t work on a hard floor). Now here’s the trick: put your arms and hands under the front of your legs. This does two things. It makes you feel like you have covers (which you can’t have because your kid will pull any blankets off of you to use for herself or a doll). It also takes a little pressure off of your lower back which allows you to actually sleep in this position and remain really quite comfortable for a while.

This is the only way I’ve ever been able to doze off while “playing” with my kids. I hope it helps. I’m so jealous of you back sleepers but tell me, do they jump on you as soon as your eyes close?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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