Should Kids be Allowed to Pee Anywhere?

By some miraculous twist of fate my sons are potty trained. I didn’t have to spend much time training them; the personal ambition to “pee like Dad” was all the incentive they needed.

Anyway, they’re potty trained and I’ve been cleaning up pee around the toilet and behind the toilet ever since. That’s not to say we haven’t had our share of potty mishaps.

There was the time we pulled off Zzyzx Road on the way to Las Vegas looking for a toilet because Boy Wonder refused to pee on the side of the road. (P.S. Don’t ever pull off Zzyzx Road on the way to Vegas.) Then there was the time BooBoo peed while sitting inside a Walmart shopping cart (bet that happens all the time). And of course, I’ll never forget when Boy Wonder deliberately peed his pants because he didn’t want to risk getting stuck inside a porta-potty.

So tell me what’s worse, a kid peeing their pants discreetly or a kid dropping trou to pee in a patch of grass in public? According to Philadelphia police, peeing in public is a crime no matter who’s doing the peeing. Today Moms reports that when Caroline Robboy’s two-year-old son needed to go number one and answered nature’s call in public, she was fined $50 and lectured on the dangers of potential perverts by police. Oh, come on!

While the clean freak in me doesn’t particularly love the idea of public urination, when it comes to potty training, practicality takes all. Philly police, it’s toddler pee on grass. Is this really an issue of public safety?

No parent has made it their life’s ambition to raise a kid who pees in public, but when nature calls for the under 3 crowd, maybe we ought to give these parents a break.

Tell me, what are your thoughts on kids peeing in public?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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