Should Mom Who Tattooed Her 11-Year-Old Daughter be Charged with Child Abuse?

I have no problem with tattoos. They’re fine. In fact they’re more than fine for anyone of age who wants to get one or a sleeveful.

But when Odessa Clay of North Carolina tattooed the shape of a heart on her 11-year-old daughter’s shoulder because she “asked her to do it”, the collective parenting population groaned.

Odessa, Honey, you’re the mom. Kids ask for a lot of stupid things; it’s your job to tell her no.

According to HuffPost Parents, Clay told WCTI 12 that she didn’t know it was illegal to tattoo a minor with a parent’s consent. And consent she did, seeing as though she was the artist behind the tattoo.

Beyond the legalities of tattooing a minor begs the question of whether or not Clay’s poor judgment should be considered an act of child abuse. Pamlico County Sheriff Bill Sawyer Jr. told The Huffington Post, “I feel she oughta be charged with child abuse. She scarred her child for life.” And scar she did, in the shape of a heart.

Clay defends herself claiming she used her own tools to tattoo her daughter and numbed her child’s arm to alleviate pain. Wow, Clay, that makes all the difference. Not.

District Attorney Scott Thomas told HuffPost,”We’re in consultation with Havelock police at this time to determine if any additional charges should be filed.” 

While Clay’s lapse in parental judgment is shameful, do you think her actions should be considered child abuse?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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