Showering With Your Kid

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 8.04.35 PMJD is 5-years-old. Sometimes we take a shower together, because it’s easy and quick for us. We jump in. I shampoo his hair, soap him up and quickly soap myself up.

I usually pull him in the shower with me on a night that I don’t have to wash my hair. The entire shower lasts under 7 minutes.

I like that we are both in our jammies and when his routine is done, I am done too. I can relax. I already killed 2 birds with 1 soapy stone. Don’t get me wrong: I consider a hot shower alone before bed me-time. 

Showering together has brought up some questions. Not about private parts. We’re a naked fam. It’s been just us since JD was born. He knows we have different body parts and it’s not something that is discussed or dwelled on.

I’m his mom and he is safe with me. I am the only person that is allowed to bathe,unclothed with him and I have told him this. He knows good touch/bad touch, stranger danger, private areas, xyz. But he trusts other people, so this can be a grey area. When we were in Aulani, JD would shower with me so I could get the sand out of his butt crack, then I would stay behind the curtain and Carlo would help him dry off and dress. When I emerged in my robe, JD would be lounging on the deck with an apple juice—little prince. I can see why JD would be confused, though. Some people can see me naked. Some people can’t. And only mom can be naked with me. 

“But what about Poppy, Uncle Carlo, Mema … XYZ?” he asked. “Those are people that can help you bathe, but they can’t be naked in the shower with you,” I stressed. “Why?” he pushed. “Because, only mommy can shower with you. That’s the rule, dude.” He bought it.

Showering quickly with my kid saves ME time and it’s the only reason I do it, because I’m a single mom with no time to pee. My babysitters are clean when they arrive and aren’t in a rush where they need to bathe with my kid. They don’t want to either. Brian will tell JD to get in the shower, “Wipe off,” and get out. Haha. Brian once took a shower with JD. Brian wore a bathing suit. JD was 2. Haha. I respect that. We were in Cali and it was a stressful day. I was late for a book signing. He helped me out. It was hilarious.

I’m wondering if you shower with your kid to save time? Do you allow other people to shower with them? Do you bathe sibs together? Let’s discuss. 

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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