The Beauty of Sisters.

We’re all told that motherhood changes every relationship you have. I’m closer to my mom, more in love with my husband and far more understanding of the human race in general. However no one ever told me what it would be like to see my only child become a big sister. Perhaps someone tried to, but there are no words strong enough in any language to describe what it’s like to see your kids together.

Seeing these two together makes me want to walk up to complete strangers, point at my babies and shout “YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO THIS! IT’S AMAZING!” But I don’t, for dozens of different and fairly obvious reasons.

Obviously they aren’t yet able to bicker with each other or complain about breathing each others air, but every time I see these two together I want to bottle up all the love and adoration oozing forth from between the two of them and sell it to cure the ills of the world.

Maybe it’s the age difference, maybe it’s because I have an older sister or maybe it’s because I’m not dealing with PPD this time, but having this second baby? Seriously the best thing I’ve ever done with myself. We were a a fantastic little family of three however I was never ready to resign myself to the possibility that one kid was it for us.

I knew that through my almost six years of secondary infertility there was a reason people fought so hard to add babies to their families through medical intervention, adoption or surrogacy. When I look at these pictures? I know why I fought so hard.

  • In the hospital. 1 of 12
    In the hospital.
    This was the first time she got to hold her baby sister by herself. The pride she felt was palpable.
  • Four Days Old. 2 of 12
    Four Days Old.
    Those first few days were rough. She kept her distance but we could tell she wanted nothing more than to hold her all the time.
  • Eighteen Days Old. 3 of 12
    Eighteen Days Old.
    It didn't matter what she was doing, if Addie had the chance to hold Vivi? She'd take it.
  • Six Weeks Old 4 of 12
    Six Weeks Old
    We took these photos on Father's Day. Addie has never cared that Vivi can't do much in the way of playing.
  • 11 Weeks Old. 5 of 12
    11 Weeks Old.
    Easily the most shocking difference between the two of them in those early days was the difference in their feet.
  • Three Months Old. 6 of 12
    Three Months Old.
    This was the first photo of a new ritual these two have. Addie reading to Vivi.
  • Three Months Old. 7 of 12
    Three Months Old.
    She doesn't even notice the camera anymore when she plays with Vivi.
  • Four Months Old. 8 of 12
    Four Months Old.
    I was taking pictures of Vivi when Addie came over to hug her, this is what I captured.
  • Reading to her baby. 9 of 12
    Reading to her baby.
    Someone once asked me if this photo was staged. I told them that this is what happens everyday when Addie comes home from school.
  • Five Months Old. 10 of 12
    Five Months Old.
    Addie can dish it out in loudness, craziness and excitedness. Vivi takes it all in stride.
  • Reading again. 11 of 12
    Reading again.
    Vivi scoots as close to Addie as she can and stays there until Addie finishes reading to her.
  • Thankful for her Baby Sister. 12 of 12
    Thankful for her Baby Sister.
    I found this hanging on the bulletin board at church. My heart nearly exploded from the cute.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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