6 EASY Fall Crafts for Kids

I have a few confessions. I can’t bake, all our laundered whites are pink, and ironically, I forget to vacuum for periods of time so vast that when I do remember I actually have to vacuum our vacuum. In fact, I was once described by my high school home economics teacher as “utterly hopeless.” (In her defense, I had just sewed the pillowcase we were making to the jeans I was wearing that day.)

Lucky for me, I’ve married a more domestic type or at least the type who knows how to correctly load and operate a dish washer. While my husband is happy to help me tackle the household duties (if not solely to spare himself the embarrassment of pink undershirts) one area in which we both lack skill or creative know-how is crafting. It’s a shame because both of our children love nothing more than to sit down at the kitchen table with a box of crayons or a paint set and make a work of art.

Only, finger painting and coloring on plain white paper can get boring quickly which leaves me ever on the look out for projects that are both fun for the kids and simple for those of us who may or may not be a disaster with a pair of scissors and a needle and thread.

Here are just a few kid’s art projects I’ve stumbled upon lately. What I love most about these, besides the fact that they are easy, is that they can all be made from everyday household items and basic art supplies and many have a use once completed beyond just hanging on your fridge.

  • Paperbag Penguins 1 of 6
    Paperbag Penguins
    These paperbag penguin costumes are simple to make and the kids will have fun dressing up in them when they are finished.
  • Turkey Puppets 2 of 6
    Turkey Puppets
    This craft puts a spin on the classic turkey hand cut-outs by turning them into puppets.
  • Spooky Spider Hands 3 of 6
    Spooky Spider Hands
    Attach some string to these spider hands and they double as great Halloween decorations to hang around the house.
  • Rock Painting 4 of 6
    Rock Painting
    Skip the paper! This is a simple and fun way to add a twist to the everyday craft of painting.
  • Halloween Can Craft 5 of 6
    Halloween Can Craft
    Grab a ball and set these up in the yard and this fun can painting craft doubles as a makeshift bowling game once dry.
  • Frankenstein From a Toilet Paper Roll 6 of 6
    Frankenstein From a Toilet Paper Roll
    Bring those empty cardboard tubes back to life by transforming them into Frankenstein.

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