Oh Sleep, One Day We Will Be Reunited… Right?

This has been one trying week. I have a feeling some of you will laugh at me and blame this on the fact that I said I finally have all my parenting stuff together and everything is smooth. Well, things are still awesome, but in that post I did also mention that I was sure things would go crazy soon-ish.

Well, things did and this week has been a tough one!

I am so far behind in laundry I am thinking of just donating all of it and starting over. I have toys strewn all over my living room , bedroom and kitchen. There are dirty coffee cups all over my work desk and I can’t remember the last time I got a few hours of sleep in a row.

Kids will do that to you — things will be perfectly (and happily) calm, then BAMMMM — a few things strike and the whole thing goes out of whack.

This week my youngest child — Bean (3 years-old) has been really sick with some unknown sickness that causes her to be the most clingy person ever. It comes with a fever, no interest in eating and a desire to be held at nearly all moments of the day. She’s miserable, she’s over-tired and she only wants Mama (except when Daddy is not around and then she cries for him). This is the first time she has really ever been sick, other then one or two days while I was still nursing her so it was easier.

Between Bean being sick and me also needing to find time to work, Speed and Raru are not getting as much of my attention and they are finding ways to get it.  I have been up ever 45 minutes at night with their sick little sister and they insist on waking me up even earlier and staying up even later then normal to find time with me.

I think it’s sweet — really, that they want to hang out with me. But, right now —- zzzzzzzz

Sorry, I fell asleep.

I have been having a love affair with caffeine and dream of the day that sleep and I will be reunited again. That happens, right? {Please, lie to me and tell me it does}

:: How do you get through the hard, sleep-deprived weeks of parenting? ::

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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