My Son Isn’t A Ghost, He’s A Sleepwalker.But It’s Still Creepy.

It happens every morning around 1:00 without fail.  Despite being dead asleep, I start to hear the shuffle of  a little boy and his blanket down the hall. Sometimes he comes all the way to my side of the bed, sometimes he just hovers in the doorway.

This is what ghosts look like. Creepy little-boy-with-a-blanket-and-a-stuffy ghosts. He pauses in the doorway and just waits. Usually I tell him to go back his room, sometimes I’ll invite him into our bed.

Either way I lose.

If I tell him to go to his bed, he comes back 30 minutes later. If I invite him into our bed, then the game of trying to find some personal space begins. Because usually an hour before my older son starts haunting the hallway, my wife has heard a phantom sound from our younger son and brings him to the bed.

4 in a queen never works.

So usually I go to his room. Dad and son squeezed into a twin with no real support. He’ll kick me in the  groin, elbow me in the face, but he’ll sleep even though I usually won’t.

My wife was a sleepwalker. There was one night in her old apartment when I woke up to find her coming back through the front door with a newspaper from the lobby.  She dropped it in the bedroom, left the front door open and sat on the couch. She was a total zombie. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

Sleepwalking is actually pretty common. Nearly a third of people have had at least one sleepwalking episode in their lives. Nearly 4% of Americans sleepwalked last year (or about 8 million people). [source]

Since my wife has done it (even only a couple of times), she worries our boys will sleepwalk too, it’s why we hang on a little longer in the crib before moving to a big boy bed.

I’d just like to know if this is normal.

Do all parents wake up with a party in their bed?  Do you actually sleep through the night?  Is your 5 yr old wandering the hallways and haunting you?


If not, how does one fix it?

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