So Happy to Be Here!

Since April, I’ve been blogging over on Being Pregnant about…well…not being pregnant. We’ve been trying for another baby since January and I’ve spent far too much time blogging about what I don’t have and not enough about what I do.

So, I’m thrilled to join the Babble Kids team and share my two kids with you.

When I’m not here on Babble, I blog over at in these small moments, where I try to capture the wonder, beauty, and whimsy in the small moments with my kids.

Some days this is way easier than others.

One of the things that I know for sure is that we’ll blink and our kids will be grown, so I try to stay in the moment as much as possible and write it all down when I can!

Small moments that I haven’t been able to avoid are all things craft related. To be clear, I am not even remotely crafty, but I have a daughter who dreams in glitter, so I do my best to foster that creativity.

I’m going to be looking for a bit of help with this, and that’s where you come in! I’m going tackle at least one fun project each week and share it with you here in a series I’m calling Small Kids Moments.

If you have a fun idea for a project, craft, or recipe that’s great for kids, send it to me here and if I use your idea, I’ll credit and link to you in my post.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the first in the series and this one was a huge hit!

In the meantime, you can find me on Facebook and Twitter, where I spend entirely too much of every nap time.

And now, on to the good stuff…my kids!

I borrowed this interview template from Bits of Everything, where you can download it for free and do your own.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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