So Your Kid Wants To Be A Rapper, And You Picked “Lil Poopy” For A Handle?

lil poopyMy 5 year old son jumped on the couch, pulled out an air guitar and emphatically declared he wants to be a rock star when he grows up.

“Oh yeah, dude” he yelled while invisibly strumming.

I have no idea where he will fit in being a rock star alongside his fire rescue, doctor, Batman, Stormtrooping, rodeo clown careers, but it’s the occupation du jour around our house.

If that’s the path he chooses, he’ll get all the support in the world – unless he chooses the stage name “Lil Poopy.” Well, he can’t anyway because someone already did and it’s not turning out well.

Lil Poopy is a 9yr old rapper from Massachusetts who has shared the stage with the likes of Diddy, but has caught the eye/ear of local law enforcement.

booty slapping video that features the 9 year old rapping about guns and drugs was the last straw.

BuzzFeed Music is reporting that police filed a “51A”, a document that allows them to investigate Luie Rivera Jr‘s family (his real name) for possible abuse or neglect.

Poopy’s dad says the bum slap is being misinterpreted and was just something people do for encouragement and respect.

“When you hit a home run, when you go to the bleachers, they tap you on the butt,” Luis Rivera said. “He’s not doing anything wrong.”

Lil Poopy is quite the thing, commanding $7500 a night for upscale club performances with his crew, The Coke Boys, where he also has the nickname “Cocaine Cowboy.

So you can see where this is headed, obviously.  The Department of Children and Families has called the whole thing “a bit much” and will be investigating.

Encouraging your kids to pursue their dreams is one thing, calling your 9 year old Lil Poopy, The Cocaine Cowboy? Congratulations Luis, you’re Father Of The Year.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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