Spread the Funny! 25 Hilarious and Free E-Cards for Funny Women

I don’t know about you but I find life to be pretty damn hilarious. I always try to keep in mind the minute we stop laughing we start crying. Can I get an amen on that?

While engulfed in the time suck that is Facebook yesterday, I kept noticing my friends filling up my wall feed with hilarious e-cards by HaHas for HooHas. I figured any company brazen enough to make my hooha laugh worth checking out. Upon visiting their site I was immediately greeted by their site mascot, Max the Maxi Pad. If you’re not laughing yet, there might be something wrong with you.

In their own words, HaHas for HooHas is, “A funny eCard website for women (AKA “HooHas”) who need a few moments to ignore their kids, jobs, and/or husbands.” Yes! We need that!

Created by besties Anna and Jen, these unique e-cards are a special brand of funny all their own! Get ready to laugh and spread the funny to all your friends!

  • Every girl’s dream 1 of 25
    Every girl's dream
    What little girl doesn't dream of playing second fiddle to World of Warcraft?
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  • Babies are rude 2 of 25
    Babies are rude
    Aren't they though? Love 'em to bits but geez!
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  • Big baby 3 of 25
    Big baby
    Ladies, we've all been here!
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  • Toddler terror 4 of 25
    Toddler terror
    Becomes sometimes the only thing we can offer is our deepest condolences.
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  • Ring of fire 5 of 25
    Ring of fire
    Love really does hurt but in this case, it's totally worthwhile.
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  • Mom blogs 6 of 25
    Mom blogs
    As a blogger and troll magnet, I can so relate!
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  • Crunchy 7 of 25
    Didn't breastfeed, cloth diaper, or make your own organic baby food? Enter guilt.
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  • Sucks to be you 8 of 25
    Sucks to be you
    Because sometimes you've just gotta let the world know!
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  • Stupid taggers 9 of 25
    Stupid taggers
    Untag, untag, UNTAG!!!!
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  • You know you’re thinking it 10 of 25
    You know you're thinking it
    We all want to look skinny, we just don't want to have to work for it!
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  • For reals 11 of 25
    For reals
    I say we start insisting on applause every time we tinkle.
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  • I didn’t ask you 12 of 25
    I didn't ask you
    This has got to be the worst!
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  • Phoney 13 of 25
    Hey, can I call ya back in about 18 years?
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  • Right on Target 14 of 25
    Right on Target
    Bliss personified!
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  • Been there 15 of 25
    Been there
    Think of it as an online baby book.
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  • Bruised ego 16 of 25
    Bruised ego
    We've all felt this way!
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  • Sexy time 17 of 25
    Sexy time
    I'm ashamed to admit just how much I identify with this card.
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  • Judgy face 18 of 25
    Judgy face
    Oh no, not awkward at all!
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  • I mean, I love you 19 of 25
    I mean, I love you
    Guilty as charged!
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  • Are we postively happy? 20 of 25
    Are we postively happy?
    Um, surprise!?!?!
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  • Feeling fatastic 21 of 25
    Feeling fatastic
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  • Figures 22 of 25
    See? This is why I stay away from white pants. Well, that and they make me look fat.
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  • Riddle me this 23 of 25
    Riddle me this
    A true mystery of the ages.
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  • Carb heaven 24 of 25
    Carb heaven
    Nom, nom, nom. Me like bread. Nom, nom, nom.
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  • Sure feels that way 25 of 25
    Sure feels that way
    Sometimes we wonder if it's worth it!
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I’ve gotta know, which e-card is your favorite?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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