Spring Crafts for Kids: A bird feeder you can make at home

Children will enjoy getting a little messy while making these bird feeders almost as much as they’ll enjoy watching the birds come and nibble from them once they’re hung outside.

Mini Bird Feeders (0-2 Year Olds)


Birdseed, peanut butter (or honey in case of allergies), silicone ice cube molds, ribbon

How to

Step 1: Mix birdseed and peanut butter (or honey) until texture of play-doh.

Step 2: Spoon enough of the birdseed mixture into the mold to cover the bottom

Step 3: Place the end of a piece of ribbon in the center of each mold

Step 4: Cover completely with birdseed mixture

Step 5: Freeze overnight

Step 6: Pop bird feeders out of molds and hang outside (preferably on a cooler day – if it’s too hot out, the peanut butter may melt!)

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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