Stock Up for Sick Days

Brrr. It’s getting cold outside. I hope you don’t get sick. More importantly, I hope your kids don’t get sick.

But if someone in your family does get sick, it’s nice to have a few things on hand to soothe the stress of sick days. A little foresight and some planning ahead can spare you the inconvenience (and agony) of sick days.

Here are 10 things to have on hand in case you or your kids get sick, after the jump.

  • 7-Up for Stomaches 1 of 10
    7-Up for Stomaches
    Once my son Ben swallowed a penny, which got suck in his diaphragm. A wise ER doctor gave him a can of 7-Up and told him to jump up and down. This dislodged the penny and I've got the X-rays to prove it. Sipping Sprite or 7-Up can help upset stomachs and you just can't beat the psychological effect on a kid who doesn't get soda very often. Keep a few cans in the back of the fridge for a sick day.
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  • The Tissues with the Lotion 2 of 10
    The Tissues with the Lotion
    It feels like such a splurge when you're in the grocery store, but really it's only like 80 cents. Save the good tissues for a sick day. Your nose will thank you. And you won't feel like such a beast swiping at your kid's raw nose.
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  • Stashed Art Supplies and Coloring Books 3 of 10
    Stashed Art Supplies and Coloring Books
    Fresh crayons and a new coloring book might buy you some time if you ever get sick. Pick them up on sale and stash some art supplies to bring out if you ever need to impose some quiet time on the kids while you recuperate.
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  • Medicine for Adults and Kids 4 of 10
    Medicine for Adults and Kids
    You probably need pain reliever for you and Children's Tylenol for your littles. Get Nyquil and cough syrup for the grown ups, too. No one wants to go out in the middle of the night for a drugstore run.
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  • Frozen Food 5 of 10
    Frozen Food
    The worst part of getting sick yourself is carrying on with the routine hassle of keeping people fed. An emergency frozen lasagna or pizza (I know fresh is better--Do you want my help or not?) will keep you out of crisis mode at dinner time.
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  • An iPad 6 of 10
    An iPad
    If you're looking for a reason to get an iPad, helping you survive sick days is definitely a plus. iPad apps and movies entertain kids if you are on your deathbed. Conversely, it helps you pass the time while you lay in bed nursing your sick child back to health. Win. Win. iPads for everyone!
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  • Heating Pad 7 of 10
    Heating Pad
    I like warming up my bed before I get into it even when I'm not sick. A heating pad is like a warm hug. Better keep one around in case you need it.
    Available here.
  • Netflix 8 of 10
    You need it and your kids need it, especially when someone is sick. What are you going to do--lay there and watch daytime television? No. Not while there are whole seasons of Buffy and Psyche to watch. Sign up here.
  • A Clean Humidifier 9 of 10
    A Clean Humidifier
    Humidifiers are so important during cold and flu season and they really make a difference for a sick/coughing/stuffed up kid. Make sure you run it through the dishwasher every so often. A mildewy humidifier kind of defeats the purpose.
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  • Suckers 10 of 10
    Save all those DumDums from Halloween or pick up bag of Blow Pops after they're marked down. When you have a sick kid with a sore throat you'll be proud to soothe it with a sucker. And it keeps them quiet for a while--In the catastrophic event that you and your child both get sick at the same time.
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