10 Stocking Stuffers Under $10


In Christmas, as in life, it is sometimes the smallest things that make the biggest impact. Sure, your kids might have an iPad at the top of their lists, but there is a special joy in seeing a stocking stuffed full of treats. Here are a few of our favorite ideas that are all less than $10:

1. Happy Socks

Socks inside a stocking? How very meta. But seriously, there’s nothing like a sweet pair of socks to tickle your little one’s tootsies.

2-pack of socks, $7 – $10 

Find them at Happy Sock.

2. NameBubbles Bag Tags

Kids love to write their names on their gear, so take it one step further with these adorable bag tags, available in a range of prints, patterns, and styles.

2 bag tags, $9.88 

Find them at NameBubbles.

3. Flash Tattoos

These metallic tattoos are so much fun, you might be tempted to snag a few for yourself. Don’t worry, they’re only temporary!

Metallic flash temporary tattoos, $5.99

Find them at Spencer’s.

4. Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters

Everybody’s gonna be kung-fu fighting to eat the last of these ninja treats.

Fred Ninjabread Men cookie cutters (set of 3), $9.26

Find them at Amazon.

5. All-Natural Nail Polish

Nail polish can be a bit terrifying when you realize you can’t pronounce a single ingredient in it. Rest easy with this all-natural lacquer, knowing your little fashionista’s fingers and toes are safe AND stylish.

Hopscotch Kids individual watercolors, $8.50 each

Find it at Hopscotch Kids.

6. Ribbon Hair Ties

Turn a messy hair “don’t” into a total do with these colorful hair ties. Best of all, tweens are wearing them as bracelets too, which means this stocking stuffer is double the fun.

Ribbon hair ties (set of 8), $9

Find them at Sephora.

7. Charger Stickers

If your little one has an iPad or other tech gadget, these adorable charger stickers are the perfect accessory. Not only are they super cute, but they’ll also help you tell your chargers apart!

Puppy charger sticker, $5

Find them at Tech Tattz.

8. Sidewalk Chalk

We all need to turn the TV off and reconnect with nature every once in a while. Let this sidewalk chalk take you and your kids back to simpler days, and enjoy coloring without having to clean up the mess (no scrubbing this artwork off your kitchen table).

Sidewalk chalk 48 ct., $6.49 

Find it at Crayola.

9. Tsum Tsum Plush

Based on the popular mobile game, these collectable Tsums will soon become your kids newest addiction. Available tons of Disney characters, each Tsum is cuter than the last. Before you know it, you’ll be addicted yourself!

Pooh and Pals ”Tsum Tsum” Mini Plush Collection, $4.95

Find it at Disney Store.

10. Personalized Name Straw

Get “crazy” and give yours kids one of these fun customizable straws.

Krazystraw Name Straw, $3.99

Find it at Krazystraw.

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