How Do You Handle a One-Upping Mom?

Are you lucky enough to have a one-upper in your life?

You know the type, no matter what you say, they can top it with something better. It’s not just a one time thing either – it’s part of their personality. The sad thing is you KNOW there is totally a solid layer of BS mixed in with the truth.

I find it especially entertaining when it’s a fellow mother, because the one-upping can get ridiculous, especially when discussing their kids’ extra curricular activites.

The One-Upper: “So, Maria what activities do you have the kids signed up for this year?”

Cue internal groan.

Me: “Well, the kids are taking swimming, and gymnastics, chess club and we’re thinking about karate and music lessons as well. I don’t really like to over schedule my kids, so we’ll see how it plays out.”

The One-Upper then looks at me like I’m from outer space and takes a deep breath before she starts listing every extracurricular activity you’ve ever heard of.

“Oh, we’re doing swimming, gymnastics, karate, music, dance club, art, singing, meditation………”. No really, this went on and on. I had to look at my watch at one point, because I was afraid she might pass out – I’m pretty sure she didn’t inhale once.

And the best part? It happens all the time. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, she will top you on anything you say!

It’s painful, because really, what can you say to a one-upper? Although, I would love to say STOP ONE-UPPING ME WOMAN!

Do you know a mom (or anyone) like this? Have you ever called them out?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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