The Things Spoiled, Rotten Kids Say

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This last week was the week of bratty kids for me. OH. MY. GOODNESS! How did we manage to have two of the most spoiled, rotten kids over for playdates? And who on earth is parenting them? I’d love to know.

Let’s start with my son’s friend from school. I don’t know much about his family and quite frankly I don’t want to. I was appalled by this boys candid and spoiled behavior, so what did I do? I grabbed a paper and pen and wrote everything that came out of his rotten, little mouth.

In case you’re not sure what a spoiled kid sounds like, here you go…

“Why don’t you have a projector T.V. on your wall? We have one and it’s a lot bigger than your T.V. We watch all the brand new movies on it. Ones that you’ve never seen before.”

(Comes to me to tattle on my son), “I’m the guest here so I should decide what we play. Your son doesn’t want to do what I want to do. Can you tell him to play what I want to play?”

“Why do you have a job chart? I don’t have to do that at my house.”

(I fed him lunch), “Where did all the strawberries go? I want more.”

“I need dessert now.”

I said, “Oh, well, we don’t usually eat dessert after lunch. Sorry.” And even if I was planning on giving them a treat, I found some kind of sick satisfaction with saying, “No” to this kid.

He kept pushing, “But, I eat dessert every day after lunch. I usually have chocolate and marshmallows.”

I said, “Oh, we don’t do that in our house.”

I decided to shut him up and give them a few M&M’s. But it wasn’t enough for him. “I eat more dessert than that,” he says.

I said, “Nope! We’re done!”

Good grief! This kid! What time is it? How much longer until he goes home?

The next day my Daughter had 3 friends over. And the combination of girls was NOT a good one. Talk about a room full of  tigers clawing for blood. The roaring and cat fighting I overheard all stemmed from one person…the spoiled, rotten kid. She ruined the fun for everyone with her shouting and demanding and bossiness.

“All the babies are mine! We’re not playing your way, we’re playing my way!” Stop that! Don’t touch that!”

After she hit one of the girls for not playing “right,” I intervened. They’re seven. Hitting is what 2 year-olds do. I asked her to stop the shouting and get ready to go home. Her mom (thankfully) was coming in 10 minutes.

Phew! We are not inviting them over again!

Parents, please-oh-please stop spoiling your children! You’re not doing anyone any good, especially your child.

Do you give your child whatever he/she wants? Do you refrain from giving your child chores and work to do? If so, we need to chat!


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