Stop Summer Brain Drain: Ask Your Kids How Many Squares?

How Many Squares?

How many squares are in the picture at the left?

It’s a simple question,that has been a crazy vial sensation all over Facebook the past week and a half.

27? 36? 40?

While you debate and toss it around in your head, why not pass the screen over to your kids and get them to give it a go?

We’re into the back half of summer, and while educators agree there is a brain drain over the summer, you can help your kids get back into the swing of things by doing some thinking games while on holiday. Get them to count the money at the store, calculate tips or change, visit museums, or do silly count the squares puzzles.

After the jump, some other counting puzzles that will have your family debating as strongly as Facebook has been recently, and I’ll tell you the correct answer for “How Many Squares?”

  • Count The Squares 1 of 6
    Squares are rectangles, but rectangles are not squares. Just count the equal sided squares for this solution.

    Puzzle and solution at About.com
  • How Many Squares? 2 of 6
    If the puzzle at the top is too tough for you, try working your way up to it with this simpler square puzzle.

    Puzzle and solution at About.com
  • How Many Triangles? 3 of 6
    All the triangles. Big ones, little ones, inside ones, outside ones. How many are there?

    Puzzle and solution at Transum.org
  • How Many Squares? 4 of 6
    This one adds another element, connect the dots and then count the squares.

    Puzzle and solution at Puzzles.com
  • Just Count The Triangles 5 of 6
    The colors and squares make this one tougher. Just count the triangles.

    Puzzle and solution at Puzzles.com
  • Original Solution 6 of 6
    The answer for the viral "How Many Squares" puzzle is 40.

    Solution at Media Geeks

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