Strawberry Season

If you were to ever walk behind us in the grocery store, specifically the produce section, you would hear me lecture Addie at some point about seasonal fruits and how I really try to only buy things in season, bonus if they’re local. The produce she asks me about the most are berries and I was so excited to finally take her to the store and pronounce that it was officially strawberry season and it was our job to eat as many of them as we could.

She polished of a pint later that afternoon.

One of my dearest friends has strawberry plants that are flourishing this year and I look forward to the jams and jellies she’ll be producing any day now. I just asked Addie what her favorite fruit was and she said “Strawberries and raspberries.” Guess what kid? You’re not alone.

Apparently 53 percent of kids 7 to 9 years old responded that strawberries were their favorite as well. I have to admit, I love strawberries over vanilla ice cream. Cody likes them with milk and sugar and Addie prefers them in her mouth…in any available form. Peak strawberry season is March through May with nearly 75 percent of North America’s strawberries coming from California (2nd place is Florida.) They grow in every U.S. state and every Canadian province. If all of the strawberries produced in California in a single year were laid end to end they would wrap around the world 15 times.

Which basically means there’s enough berries to go around no matter how you like them prepared. They can be put in salads, cakes, candies, dried, sliced, pureed and diced. The can be topped like ice cream or stirred into cereal.  One cup provides 140 percent of the daily vitamin C recommended for kids with only 55 calories. They truly are one of the most versatile fruits, and one of the only ones that can be considered dessert with just a dollop of COOL WHIP Whipped Topping.

Are strawberries popular in your house?

Strawberry facts from the University of Illinois extention.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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