25 Horrifying Photos of Stuff Kids Have Ruined

There are a lot of moments in raising children that just suck. The first time they get sick, the first time you forget to send your kid to school with their bagged lunch, and it really sucks the first time your kid totally ruins something of yours.

I have had many things in my house destroyed by my kids. Things covered in poop, shattered, sprinkled all over the house. I don’t need to tell you that it’s not fun! Sometimes though the best thing to do is laugh. I always make sure I take a picture as evidence for bribery later in life (just kidding … maybe). They say laughter is the best medicine – and what better cure for the super-angry’s than laughing at someone else’s problem?

Click through to see 25 photos of stuff kids have ruined that will leave you speechless:


  • Minty Fresh 1 of 25
    "Our youngest was in the bathroom, had been there for a long time. I checked on her, knocked on the door, asked if everything was alright. She answered yes, and I didn't think anything of it. Then my wife went to check, because the girl was calling for help. This is what she found. Minty fresh poo smell!" - Harry
  • Pimp Your Ride 2 of 25
    "While I was out grocery shopping, I walked past the front of my car and found that it had been decorated in permanent red ink. I thought, "AHHHHHH!!!!! How long has THAT been there?!!" While grey cars don't show dirt, they show red ink really well. Due to the writing style, I suspect it was my 4 year old. I don't know where she got the pen, and I can't figure out when she did this. At least she didn't draw racing stripes down the sides, but that's where the scratches are from the bicycle handles" - Ann
  • Sitting Pretty 3 of 25
    "Permanent marker, Clearasil zit cream, and nail polish. We're so proud." - Julie
  • Pretty in Pink 4 of 25
    "Their bodies…and some walls and a table with pink marker. This was the second incident, the first involved a sharpie. We became crayon users." - Anonymous
  • They Got You Too? 5 of 25
    "Oh no, you too?" - Julie
  • Wowza 6 of 25
    - Anonymous
  • Bad Equation 7 of 25
    "Wii + 5 year-old = OH NO!! Noooooooo!!!" - George
  • A Price for Everything 8 of 25
    "The price I pay while cooking dinner in the kitchen." - Keith
  • Blue Boy 9 of 25
    "When Easter goes bad… Mix a 4 year old, with food coloring and vinegar.. and a wobbly stool….. you should have seen the white cupboards…. " - Katie
  • No Words 10 of 25
    "There goes my sanity!"- Sarah
  • Ouch 11 of 25
    "Poor Barbie dragged behind a scooter. Is it a statement or just fun? I'm going with the fun part… " - Cathy
  • Says It All 12 of 25
    "‘NUF SAID" - James
  • Never Again 13 of 25
    "This is why I will probably never buy a new car again. My three children have definitely ruined it." - Laura
  • Yeah … 14 of 25
    "Yeah, that f*cking cocoa butter does wonders." - FML
  • Feel the Softness 15 of 25
    "If my thoughts had vocalized I would have needed to use the stuffing for my mouth." - Cyndi
  • No Chance 16 of 25
    "kids have ruined any chance I'll actually "finish" the laundry. Ever." - Julie
  • Dyed 17 of 25
    "I'm a culinary student so I keep random sh*t, like food dye, in my car. My son decided to dump several ounces of it all over my daughter, including her hair, just as I was on my way to drop them off at a sitter's for the evening so I could go to a concert that night. I was late to the concert." - Jena
  • Just Do It 18 of 25
    "If you ever have the slightest thought that you should secure your car keys while away from home even for a couple hours don't even think just DO!!" - Anonymous
  • My Sanity 19 of 25
    "They made themselves "snowmen". This took weeks to clean up. Thanks MIL for sending our Christmas stuff in all this packing. My sanity was ruined." - Brandy
  • Birth Control 20 of 25
    "New tub of Desitin + new tub of Vaseline + new container of powder+ extra long "nap"= reminder to get a tubal ligation" - Anonymous
  • Just One Minute 21 of 25
    "Came upstairs and heard "here he comes…" and then they scattered and hid. What a 5 and 3 year old can to in about 1 minute!" - Andrew
  • Congrats? 22 of 25
    "My wedding picture." - Bonnie
  • Pedicure 23 of 25
    "My daughter "painted" the cat with 4 different colors of nail polish. Cat is ok." - Heather
  • Peanut Butter 24 of 25
    "Peanut Butter ALL OVER the toy room! Had to rip out the carpet!" - Jennifer
  • 39 Years 25 of 25
    "I asked my son to bring me the Ipod… in the time it took him to walk across the room, he disabled my Ipod for 39 YEARS.. ill be 79 before it unlocks."- Carly

What destruction has your kid gotten into lately? 

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