No-Fail Gift Idea: Personalized Books for Kids

personalized books for kids


There are few things I adore more than a well-written, artistically-inspired children’s book. And these Lost My Name Books fit that criteria and so much more. Whether you’re looking to buy a stand-out birthday gift for your nephew or a special welcome-home present for a new baby, these personalized children’s books will knock the socks off any parent (including you!). The writing of their engaging rhyming stories are aimed at kids between ages two and six, they’d make terrific keepsakes for any age.

The coolest thing about these personalized books is that, beyond inserting individual names, each book is unique in its characters and storyline. Yet the basic premise is the same: A little boy or girl wakes up in the morning and realizes that his or her name is missing, and then sets out on a mission to find it. The characters along the way give the boy or girl the first letter of its name (i.e. the squid gives an “s”), which eventually spells out your child’s name. And the more letters in the name, the more characters met along the way. Your kid could meet an aardvark, or a mermaid, or an elephant, or even a Viking. The options are impressive enough that two (or three or four) siblings could have completely unique books.


personalized book


And the illustrations! Oh, the illustrations. Even if the writing was sub-par (which, thankfully, it isn’t), the illustrations are so stunning that it would almost make up for it. Everything about these personalized books is clever and thoughtful, down to the thick, uncoated, eco-friendly paper that feels more luxe than the typical children’s book.


You can read more about the UK-based Lost My Name Books at lostmy.name (even see a preview of your child’s book!), or check out their Etsy shop. The books sell for $27.99, but you get a bigger discount with each book you buy (perfect for siblings!).

You won’t regret it.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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