Stupid Questions We Asked the Pediatrician

Yeah, I know there’s no such thing as a stupid question. But seriously, does anyone really believe that? Or do we think that it’s one of those sayings that gets tossed around like “Santa knows if you’ve been good or bad”? Because I know that I’ve asked plenty of stupid questions. Of my parents, in school, in college, and I didn’t intend to break my streak once I became a mom.

Once I called my pediatrician because my daughter was yawning a lot. Yes, yawning. I’m not sure what was going through my mind and what yawn-infested disease I worried she was battling, but I remember telling the receptionist that picked up the phone that my daughter had yawned at least 8 times in the past twenty minutes and that I’d let her know if the yawning increased.


Stupid question.

And when I asked some bloggers if they’d ever asked their pediatrician a stupid question, I got a resounding yes!

Click through to see some of the questions that bloggers asked their pediatricians. Fortunately, I’m in excellent company!

  • Should I be woried my baby’s not smiling? 1 of 8
    Should I be woried my baby's not smiling?
    I asked on the advice of my mother-in-law.
    - Kelcey of The Mama Bird Diaries
  • What’s that smell coming from my kid’s head? 2 of 8
    What's that smell coming from my kid's head?
    I asked my pediatrician about an odor coming from the top of my newborn's head. It was just Cradle Cap, but I was suspicious/concerned it was the smell of brain coming from his fontanel. I wish I was joking.
    - Kristine of Wait in the Van
  • Is that a hole in the roof of his mouth? 3 of 8
    Is that a hole in the roof of his mouth?
    Asked in sheer panic. And no, it was a piece of broccoli.
    - Wendi of Wendi Aarons
  • Is it a tantrum …or PANDAS? 4 of 8
    Is it a tantrum ...or PANDAS?
    I brought my 2-year-old in to the pediatrician for a temper tantrum. Her first. She was acting so crazy, it was JUST after she had strep, and I was sure it was PANDAS. No. "Are you sure it's not . . . just a tantrum?" he gently asked. Oh. Why yes.
    - Jonna of Jonniker
  • So what’s nearsighted mean, again? 5 of 8
    So what's nearsighted mean, again?
    I repeatedly have to ask the eye doctor whether my son is near-sighted or far-sighted, because I can never remember. He has had glasses for 8 years.
    - Karen of @KarenGerwin
  • So, I’m doing a good job, right? Right? 6 of 8
    So, I'm doing a good job, right? Right?
    I once asked if my kids' lack of ear infections was a sign of superior parenting. Really.
    - Heather of The Days are Just Packed
  • What’s that bump? 7 of 8
    What's that bump?
    I asked my ped in tears why my newborn had a huge lump on her left side after she ate. Turns out that's where our stomachs are.
    Tracy of Stoop Mama
  • Can we just do the shots in the waiting room? 8 of 8
    Can we just do the shots in the waiting room?
    I once asked the pediatrician if she could do the exam in the waiting room in front of the TV so that my kids wouldn't notice that they were getting shots. She gave me the longest "Seriously?" gaze ever recorded in the annals of medicine.
    - Shari of Dusty Earth Mother

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