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I’m a lucky one. I am still best friends with my girls from high school. I’ve been friends with three of them since I was four. I was the first to introduce a child to the group and they all took it in shock, but sincere stride. They were at my side and some of the first visitors at the hospital when JD was born.

We all vowed to stay friends after we graduated high school and even signed our yearbooks with “See ya at the reunion.” We went to different colleges, but managed to meet up on holiday breaks and even traveled on a spring break to Cancun together when we were seniors in college. (It’s everything you’re imagining.)

There were happy times, like weddings and sadder times: Two of my friends lost parents. I now live in the same condo community as my best friend, Liss, and her family. JD and her son, Rocco, are growing up together and it’s magical. My other girlfriends live 10 to 20-minutes away, so even though we don’t hang out like the good ‘ole days, we still make a point to plan gatherings, whether a GNO, play-date or evening with the husbands … and me (though I never feel like a third wheel).

For years we’ve always set a date to have a nice dinner somewhere and exchange adult grab bag gifts. It was a boozy, loud night! We were young and childless. One or two of us were engaged and I was always ordering the shots and starting the dance party. A few years have passed without a holiday gathering and my friend, Kate decided to start the tradition up again.

I’ve known Kate for 19 years, when I passed her a note in Freshman Speech class asking if she wanted to “be friends and hang out.” How cheesy is that? Whatever, 19 years later she’s JD’s godmother. She invited all the girls to her new home in January. Renee who I’ve known for 28 years suggested a grab bag … for the kids. Squeee, the girls and the babies all together. Ya know we always said it would be like this … Some dreams never die.

Our babies range from 5 to two-weeks-old … with two new angels on the way. Here are some stylish grab bag options for the little ones all under $20 and via Target.


Photo credit: Target

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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