Summer Bridge — More Than Just Worksheets

——Who can resist those first heady days of summer vacation? The sleeping in, the absence of homework … the bickering, the boredom, the constant invasion of personal space. Summer is great but it gets old for moms real fast.

Here’s what to do so your kids don’t get bored or lose their smarts — their precious, precious smarts.

You can buy “summer bridge” workbooks at Costco or Barnes and Noble. Do it! I’ve got workbooks floating all over the house. But my kids respond better during the summer to hands-on creative stuff.

Click through to see my best summer enrichment ideas for kids age 3 and up.

  • Write and Illustrate Your Own Books 1 of 14
    Write and Illustrate Your Own Books
    We love these--they are pretty cheap and kids can fill them any way they like. At Bare Books.
  • Hatch Butterflies 2 of 14
    Hatch Butterflies
    My kids loved this. Beware--it looks bloody when they hatch.
  • Fill in Gaps From the School Year 3 of 14
    Fill in Gaps From the School Year
    I don't home school, but I use this book to get an overview of what my kids should learn each year so I can cover anything they missed during the summer. Here.
  • The Most Creative Coloring Book 4 of 14
    The Most Creative Coloring Book
    Little kids will love this
  • Best Variety of Coloring Books 5 of 14
    Best Variety of Coloring Books
    Dover has the best variety of coloring books that are fun to keep and read when the kids are done coloring them. Here.
  • Lolly, Lolly, Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here 6 of 14
    Lolly, Lolly, Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here
  • Time for Science 7 of 14
    Time for Science
    If you've got Jamie and Adam fans at your house, this will inspire them.
  • Bulk Paper 8 of 14
    Bulk Paper
    Go ahead. Get yourself a ream. Handwriting is the first thing to go.
  • Best Conceptual Math Books 9 of 14
    Best Conceptual Math Books
    I hate math. These are doable.
  • Manipulatives 10 of 14
    Fun and mathy. They work with the Miquon books.
  • Alphabet Dough Cutters 11 of 14
    Alphabet Dough Cutters
    Don't forget those letters!
  • Read Out Loud 12 of 14
    Read Out Loud
    Read some good books to your kids. It's fun. May as well start with Newberry and Caldecotts.
  • Hammock With Slap Straps 13 of 14
    Hammock With Slap Straps
    The slap straps make them easy to hang. My kids each have their own. Here.
  • Watch Birds 14 of 14
    Watch Birds
    This should be the year you and your kids start a life list.

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