Summer FUN!!

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 9.52.52 AMI’ll let you in on a little secret. As a freelance writer I like to stock pile my work and save my money—so I can enjoy the summer with my son!

As a solo single working mom—life moves pretty fast. I slow down in July and August.

This is why I did freelance writing for,, the, and Parents mag throughout the year.

I’m also teaching an online class for Monday NIGHTS this month—when JD is SLEEPING.

JD is in camp 3x a week, because I work in a magazine office doing fashion work. The other 2 days (when I’m normally writing, pitching editors, and working on my book) he’s home and we’ve been having a ball.

But, oh man—this kid is nonstop!

JD wakes up before 6 AM and it’s on. He wants breakfast, juice, cartoons, and to know what we’re doing for the day.

Sleepy-eyed I wake up, make coffee, and we start the day! After a 2 mile walk, we keep moving. On Thursday, JD had a dental exam—no cavities and a loose tooth! Next we got a pedicure (I got a pedicure, but let JD pick the color, an icy blue/grey, so everyone wins here). Onward, we picked up 2 kids meals at Wendy’s and then 2 gourmet wraps at the deli and headed to JD’s godmother’s house.

We spent the afternoon lunching and playing with Aunt Kate’s little boys. Well, JD played with Charlie who is 1 and I held baby Max the whole time, taking in his baby-licious scent, feeding him—and feeling baby-fever, hee hee. JD was a mix of jealous/desiring a sibling. I think more jealous though.

Next up, JD had swim class. We got to the gym and I realized I left his bag with his swim suit at Aunt Katie’s so we booked it to a nearby Target and bought a new suit and went back to the gym. JD and cutie-pie (of legal age, hee hee) Andrew had their private lesson. I checked emails.

Back at home JD was “starving for dinner and dying off thirst.” I had a ton of leftover Chinese food in the fridge so I quickly heated it up.

As soon as dinner was over, JD was recharged and wanted to know what we were doing. Mind you it was nearly 6:30 PM and we’d been running around ALL day!

“You need to go play with Lego or read a book—or watch TV, while I clean up these dishes,” I said.

“But mom,” JD said. “Moooooom! I wanna play with YOU! I wanna swim! I wanna play with my water gun in the courtyard, I want an ice pop, I want to play with Rocco upstairs, I want to do a project! Do we have chalk? I wanna call Uncle Carlo, I wanna—”

You know that scene in Big Daddy where Adam Sandler’s character yells “ALRIGHT!” at the little blond boy when he’s whining to watch “kangaroo dance.”

That was me. (Remember, I’m a solo single mom).

I left the dishes in the sink and we played in the pool till 8 PM. It was fun!

After JD passed out, I cleaned up, took out the garbage, caught up on work, did housework and made phone calls.

As the day ended … another one quickly began. Likely because I stayed up until 1 AM watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix. (Soooo good!)

“What are we doing today?” It was 5:40 AM and 101 degrees out.

We chilled at the indoor playground, shopped for snacks, and had a pool pizza party until 8 PM. So.Much.Fun—and perfect for pooping your kid out!

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 9.53.52 AM

JD is currently watching Spongebob and has asked me 17x when the day is starting.


Happy weekend! We’re hiking, lunching, birthday day partying, and going to a summer festival! Hooray! Kid keeps me young! Love this little boy!

Share your weekend plans, kiddos! 

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