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    Summer Hair Care for Kids Spending hours outside in the sun (and in salt water or chlorine) can really do a number on your kid’s hair and scalp — and your own. As a hairstylist and beauty blogger, I get asked from parents all the time — “how can I take care of my kid’s hair in the summer?” So, if you can’t pay me a visit at the salon, check out these 10 tips.

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    1: Wear hats

    Summer Hair Care for Kids: Wear hats The hot sun can really be drying and damaging for kids’ delicate hair and scalp. Hats are the fastest and easiest way to add protection. I’ve found that when I let my son choose his own hats, he’s more likely to keep them on. Lead by example, and make sure you are wearing your hat too (especially if your hair is colored!). For a little guidance on some stylish options, check out these hats for the whole family on Family Style.

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    2: Tie one on

    Summer Hair Care for Kids: Tie one on If it’s too windy for a hat or you just can’t get your little ones to keep one on, opt for a scarf instead. Try a pretty patterned one on your girly girls for blustery boat rides or trips to the beach. Bandanas are also great (just tell the kids they’re pirates for the day). If you have a hard time keeping scarves or bandanas in place, try securing them with a couple bobby pins near the temples.

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    3: Don't forget the part

    Summer Hair Care for Kids: Don't forget the part As a hairstylist, I see a lot of sunburned part lines. Because the sun shines down on us from above, the top of the head is vulnerable. Additionally, it’s not as easy to spot when a part starts to turn red. If your kids have a part in their hair, please remember to cover the line with sunblock and reapply frequently. In fact, do this anywhere you can see scalp. If your little one doesn’t have much hair yet, you can apply sunscreen to the entire head. I prefer Badger Face & Body Sunblock for the purity of its ingredients.

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    4: Summerize your product shelf

    Summer Hair Care for Kids: Summerize your product shelf There are several terrific products out there specifically designed to help protect your hair from the summertime elements. Look for a styling aid or treatment product that contains UV protection and additional conditioning agents to counteract the effects of wind, sand and surf. I like L’Oreal Professional’s Shimmer Protect Gelee and Redken’s Color Extend Sun Solar Screen SPF 12. While not designed for babies, these “adult” products are fine to use on kids.

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    5: Get wet

    Summer Hair Care for Kids: Get wet It may sound counterintuitive, but before you hit the pool or ocean, get your hair wet. Cuticles, the protective outer layer of hair, act like a sponge so if you fill them with clean water, it’s harder for chlorinated or salt water to get in. Spray in a little leave-in conditioner to further protect your and your kid’s strands. This step can make a huge difference in the health of your hair and will help keep blonde shades from turning green from chlorine exposure.

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    6: Get the green out

    Summer Hair Care for Kids: Get the green out So you’ve been living at the pool, and now your beautiful blonde babes look more like aliens? Even brunettes can get a “dishwater” cast to their hair if they spend too much time in chlorinated water. Chlorine causes the hard metals in water to oxidize. Ever seen oxidized copper? Yep, it’s green. You can restore your kid’s hair to its original enviable color by using a chelating shampoo like Ultra Swim or Tri-Swim Anti-Chlorine Shampoo. For a more natural approach, try tomato or lemon juice.

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    7: Keep it organized

    Summer Hair Care for Kids: Keep it organized Long hair can get pretty tangled after a long, hot, sweaty summer day, especially if you’ve been at the beach. Save yourself and your daughters from the pain and hassle of detangling by styling their hair before you go. Braids are the best way to keep long hair orderly, but twisting locks up into a quick and easy bun should do the trick too. If you don’t know how to French braid, learn how on my blog, Parlor. It’s a great skill to acquire if you have daughters.

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    8: Easy does it

    Summer Hair Care for Kids: Easy does it It’s important all year long, but especially in the summertime, to use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo on your kids. Keep in mind that baby shampoos are formulated to be gentle on baby’s eyes, not on their hair. So, as soon as your kids can close their eyes and tilt their heads back on command, ditch the tear-free shampoos and opt for better shampoos and conditioners. You will see vast improvement on the look and feel of their hair soon after the switch.

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    9: Do damage control

    Summer Hair Care for Kids: Do damage control Summer is a great time to periodically give your hair a moisturizing repair treatment. Why not include the kids? My son loves it when I involve him in my beauty routines and a hair mask is particularly fun to do together. Use an after-sun mask like Aveda’s After-Sun Care After Sun Masque or a DIY mask for you and your little ones. Try mashing an avocado or banana and then stir in a little olive oil and an egg. Apply, cover with a shower cap, then rinse and shampoo after 15 minutes.

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    10: Prevent frizz

    Summer Hair Care for Kids: Prevent frizz Little people aren’t immune to heat-and-humidity-induced frizz. Help your children keep their hair under control with humidity resistant, anti-frizz products. For curly hair, I love Tigi’s Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier and for straight, I prefer Redken’s Outshine Anti-Frizz Polishing Milk. For any texture, products containing argan oil (such as the Moroccan Oil brand) can be very beneficial. This all-natural, nutrient rich oil has been used for centuries in Northern Africa to combat the drying effects of the desert.

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