SURVEY SAYS! Girls Don't Like to Play with Dolls

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For the first time in more than 50 years, the number one toy for girls is not a doll.

UK research company, E.ON, polled to find out the best toys of the past, present and future.

They found out that construction sets and dolls have been the traditional faves over the past 50 years. Lego and Barbie have driven those trends that have dominated birthday and Christmas wish lists.

But that was then .. what has replaced dolls as the top toys for girls? Here’s a hint – look in the boy’s aisle at the toy store.

According to E.ON, here are the top toys for kids today:

  • Video Game Consoles 1 of 3
    Video Game Consoles
    20% of kids want to play with a video game console first. A trend that started in the '90s with the Game Boy hasn't slowed town, and is now the most popular toy across both genders.

    Image Credit: el3enawe
  • Construction Toys 2 of 3
    Construction Toys
    This was the #1 choice for boys until the '80s. However, 18% of kids still want something they can build and Lego is the king to create whatever they want.

    Image Credit: Bill Ward
  • Dolls 3 of 3
    Collectables and teddy bears, along with dolls,have been popular toys through the years. While the bears and branded toys have slipped out of the top 3, dolls hang on with 16% liking them best.

    Image Credit: Richard Newton

The saddest part of the survey is that board games have become ‘bored’ games. A popular item for those born in the ’50s, it has dwindled to just a 3% popularity for those born in the ’90s. Family game night is a great way to get together, laugh, spend time, and foster a family bond. In 2012 that means video games instead of The Game of Life.

What are your favorite toys?

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