SURVEY SAYS! Moms Find School Lunches Stressful, Dads Find It Easy

A new survey says that making lunch is a downer for Mom, while Dads find it to be no big deal.

Perhaps it’s because moms “usually” have to do the lunches every day. When Dad swoops in once or a twice a week (or month), it’s a fresh and easy task.

In our house, I do the day-to-day dinner making, grocery shopping, and planning. It’s a drag. I’m in a creative rut in planning things that everyone in the house wants to eat.

So I get that working with the limited dietary range of a kid can start to start to wear. The food restrictions schools put (no nuts) on things can cut in to your choice too.

After the jump, how parents split the lunch-making chore and the bad habits that creep in.

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive for, found 55% of moms admit to being stressed out when it comes to packing and shopping for lunches.

Dads are in on the task, though. 55% of men admit to regularly pitching in to pack the lunches.

But here’s where things slip. The stress of lunch packing starts to show when we find that less than 1/2 of parents make lunch for their kids more than 3x a week.

56% of parents are reaching for premade items, a number that soars to 69% when the parents are under 34.

Time to flip through this conversation on back-to-school lunches and look for some inspiration gang. Fresh is best, so hop to it!

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