SURVEY SAYS! Parents Who Smoke Open Kids To More Than Just Health Issues

Parents Who Smoke Have Children With Agression IssuesParents, why are you still smoking?

You have kids, you are supposed to feel unconditional love. You would fly yourself in front of a speeding train to save their life, even if it meant sacrificing your own, yet because of a selfish habit, you are slowly killing your children.


The repeated excuses are usually “I only smoke outside the house,” or “I never smoke around them,” or “I’m trying to quit.”

Here’s another reason to get that quitting regimen up to a faster speed:  children of parents who smoke are more aggressive.

Scientists at the University of Montreal have presented findings that show exposure to even minimal amounts of secondhand smoke will lead to aggressive and antisocial behavior in children.

“What we have to do is consider the fact that environmental smoke doesn’t go away. Children live and play in environmental smoke and at the same time, young children are being exposed at a critical time period of brain development. Putting all of that together creates a fantastic study we know of the carcinogenic risks, the respiratory risks, that’s established, however not a lot of people talk about the neurological risks,”  Dr. Linda Pagani says.

The key takeaway in that quote is “environmental smoke doesn’t go away.”  If you smoke, it’s not just for the 1 or 2 minutes you have a lit butt in your fingers. The smoke lingers in your clothes, on your hands, in the fabrics around you, and it gets to your kids.

The smoke doesn’t just affect your kids’ lungs, but it also affects their brain at a crucial point in development.  Smokers, even if they smoke outside, in the car, or away from their kids, are still hurting their kids each and every day.

The study, published this week in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, observed more than 2 000 kids born in 1997, and tracked their health for a decade.  They interviewed kids, teachers, parents, and had home study sessions where they observed the families and found that children in a smoker’s home were 11% more likely to be aggressive.  The researchers say that number is a significant increase.

You know smoking is bad for you, but did you know secondhand smoke is even more deadly? 85% of the emissions come from 250 toxic chemical gases and metals.  70 of these chemicals are known cancer causing agents, according to Health Canada.

Kids take more breaths a day than adults.  They have ventilation needs 2 to 3 x higher than you or I. When they breathe more, they breath more of the toxicity in, so the concentrations of chemicals is higher in kids than in adults.

Smoke lingers.  It clings to your hands, your clothes, your skin, your furniture, your carpet.  It suspends where your kids eat, sleep, and play.  Even if you smoke outside, in the car, or at work, you’re still bringing it home to them.

So back to those excuses.

“I never smoke around them.”

It doesn’t matter.

 “I’m trying to quit.”

When are you going to quit?  Time is running out for you, and for your kids.

via Global News

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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