30 Sweetest Parenting Moments on YouTube


  • First fishing trip 1 of 33
    This video's reel cute. Though dad stays behind the camera while his son debates whether or not he can touch the fish (and if his catch is, indeed, a nice fishy), we bet this is one sweet moment they'll cherish for years to come.
  • Baby, don’t worry 2 of 33
    What's cuter than when siblings first meet? It's even sweeter when the big sister assesses her younger, crying protégé and assures her, "You're okay! You're fine."
  • Wheres the snooze button? 3 of 33
    Good morning, mom! So good to see yo — Zzzzzz …
  • Strummin and singin 4 of 33
    Nothing's better than a family singalong, and this father-daughter duo is no exception. Check out their adorable take on Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros' "Home."
  • All Ears 5 of 33
    After receiving a cochlear implant, this eight-month-old hears his mothers voice for the first time.
  • Babys First Steps 6 of 33
    Yes, this little girl's joy at walking her first steps is a beautiful thing. But her proud papa's reaction to the same feat is truly priceless.
  • Quadruple the Fun 7 of 33
    One baby laughing is a beautiful sound. Four identical tots giggling along with their mom? Amazing.
  • Welcome to the World! 8 of 33
    This mom was lucky enough to catch the moment her newborn daughter opened her eyes. Welcome, little one!
  • In Perfect Harmony 9 of 33
    The little one steals the show in this mother/daughter duet of Leona Lewis's "Bleeding Love" (Skip to :58 for the best part!)
  • Dad Gets in Crib 10 of 33
    This flexible father has no trouble getting into his baby's crib to successfully stop her from crying. It's getting out that's the tricky part.
  • The Best Day of School 11 of 33
    This Iraq vet surprised his son at school after a long deployment — and stole our hearts by sharing this tender, special moment.
  • Last-Day Surprise 12 of 33
    This inspiring veteran does the same for his daughter. After promising her he'd make it back by the end of 4th grade, he arrives for her last day before summer.
  • Father and Son, Running Together 13 of 33
    This hero dad runs marathons and triathlons to show his disabled son that anything is possible. This is not only sweet, but also truly inspiring.
  • Twice as Nice 14 of 33
    When this grandma finds out from her daughter, a mom-to-be of twins, that she's having two new grandsons, you can't help but share her enthusiasm.
  • Babys First Words 15 of 33
    This baby's first words are "I Love You." Really.
  • Were Having Twins? 16 of 33
    Upon finding out they're having twins, this mom can't stop laughing, while her husband's reaction is hilariously subdued. "For real?" and "Hmm, interesting."
  • Daddy Plays Dress Up! 17 of 33
    Another enthusiastic dad plays dress up with his daughter. Check out the earrings!
  • I Don’t Like You, Mommy 18 of 33
    This mom gets a kick out of her super-honest cookie monster toddler, even if he's not so happy with her at the moment.
  • Like Mother, Like Daughter 19 of 33
    This mom and her daughter are two peculiar peas in a pod -- who clearly are the best of friends.
  • Happy Mothers Day…Grandma! 20 of 33
    On Mother's Day, one mom-to-be can't be there to tell her own mom that she's going to be a grandma, so she sends a surprise gift — and gets her cousin to videotape it. Possibly one of the best reactions we could imagine...
  • Mom, Im Pregnant! 21 of 33
    …at least until we saw this grandma-to-be who almost tackles her daughter upon hearing the news.
  • Pregnancy Test 22 of 33
    And this little girl seems pretty pleased when mom lets her announce the results of a pregnancy test — that she's going to have a little brother or sister!
  • The Littlest Beatle 23 of 33
    Little boy in diapers strums his guitar to "Hey Jude." How could we resist?
  • Singinga Lullaby? 24 of 33
    This funny dad does what can only be described as a "reverse lullaby."
  • Toddler Talking to Daddy on Phone 25 of 33
    Shh…he's making a very important business call!
  • Should We Give Away Our Baby Brother? 26 of 33
    Older sister's reaction = priceless.
  • Daddy Coming Home 27 of 33
    What a greeting!
  • Kids Performing Mr. Mom 28 of 33
    Best. SAHD. Ever.
  • Wake up, Daddy 29 of 33
    This family doesn't need an alarm clock in the morning — just this adorable baby!
  • Anna Hugs Daddy 30 of 33
    Baby hug! There is nothing cuter. Oh, except if she's also saying "Daddy."
  • Daddy-Daughter Kisses 31 of 33
    Or maybe baby kisses are even better?
  • Happy Birthday, Baby 32 of 33
    Skip past the intro to the :50 mark where this little guy wakes up and starts boogey-ing!
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