This Is Your Captain Speaking! 12 T-Shirts That “Work” For Kids

On my son’s recent spring escape to Disneyland, he put on his favorite flying shirt.

It’s a tshirt that makes him look like he is wearing a shirt and tie and caplets, just like a pilot.

My wife and I bought it last summer aboard Icelandair for our Team Diabetes Marathon in Reykjavik.  Both our boys have them and they LOVE wearing them whenever they’re on a plane.

Check out the story of what happened to him on his recent flight and see a dozen other t-shirts that make kids look like they are part of the crew.

  • 12 Shirts That 1 of 14
    12 tshirts that work for kids

    You don't need a full fledged costume to look the part, sometimes just a tshirt will do. Check out these cute ones for your kids.

  • This Is Your Captain Speaking 2 of 14
    Zacharie in the cockpit -

    When Zacharie boards a plane, he always takes  a sharp left and goes right into the cockpit.  These Alaska Airlines pilots were thrilled to see him in his tshirt and added a set of real wings to go with the silk screened one on his shirt.

    Get it from the Icelandair Saga Shop, $15, only available on board flights.

  • With The Crew 3 of 14
    Zacharie with the pilots -

    When Zacharie deplaned, another crew was waiting to board and absolutely LOVED his tshirt. They insisted he come over and pose for a picture with them.

    Get it from the Icelandair Saga Shop, $15, only available on board flights.

  • Pilot and Stewardess 4 of 14
    pilot and stewardess tshirt from Icelandair

    There are long sleeved editions of Zacharie's popular tshirt, including one that looks like a stewardess.

    Get it from the Icelandair Saga Shop, $15, only available on board flights.

  • Fire Chief 5 of 14
    fire fighter t shirt for kids

    This simple tshirt will make your kid feel like he's riding on the back of the firetruck, even from his booster seat in the back.

    Get it from Heads Up Designs for $14.95.

  • The Doctor Will See You Now 6 of 14
    doctor tshirt

    The detailed shirts with ties are the best.  

    Get it from Seasons Studios for $22.

  • Scrub Up For Surgery 7 of 14
    surgeon tshirt for kids

    Got a member of your family that works in the ER?  This shirt will let them be just like mom or dad!

    Get it from Expertees for $15.

  • Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over? 8 of 14
    police tshirt for kids

    I can just see a kid with this shirt on riding a big wheel trying to pull Mom over in the driveway.

    Get it from Kids Shirt for $20.


  • Can We Fix It? Yes We Can! 9 of 14
    builders tshirt for kids

    Whether your kid loves Fix It Felix, or Bob the Builder, or just helping Dad in the garage, this one puts them on the team.

    Get it from Kids Shirt for $20.

  • A Bobby Shirt For Bobby? 10 of 14
    police tshirt for kids

    This looks like a serious UK police officer tshirt to me. Got a Bobby? Make them look like a Bobby!

    Get it from Super Logo for $15.

  • Santa’s Little Helper 11 of 14
    elf tshirt for kids

    Because everyday should feel like Chritmas.

    Get it from Super Logo for $15.

  • Yes, Sir! 12 of 14
    military tshirt for kids

    It already feels like the kids are running the show, why not make them Captain, General, Sergeant, or whatever.

    Get it from Super Logo for $15.

  • These Are Not The Droids We’re Looking For 13 of 14
    storm trooper tshirt for kids

    For May the 4th, and every day.

    Get it from Super Logo for $15.

  • Yahoo! 14 of 14
    cowboy tshirt

    The Calgary Stampede is coming up this summer. It would be great if you came for a visit and brought the kids. This shirt will go great with their hat and boots.

    Get it from Super Logo for $15.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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