Teachers Reveal What They Dread Most About Going Back-to-School

Who dreads going back to school more – the students or the teachers? Most likely the students, but that doesn’t mean returning to the school grind is easy on teachers.

Aside from the seemingly endless preparations our teachers must make for the upcoming school year, they’re faced with the ongoing challenge of educating our kids with limited resources in ever-growing class sizes.

But that’s what makes teachers so special; they’re everyday heroes committed to making a positive difference in spite of the challenges they face within our educational system.


  • Learning names 1 of 12

    "Learning names!!! I seem to always get the hard ones!" ~Mrs. A.


    "The first couple of weeks are so hard. New faces, new names, new parents - it's almost like starting a brand new job every year!" ~via Ms. H.


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  • The personal expense 2 of 12

    "The personal money I have to pour into my classroom to get it ready weeks before I ever see a paycheck, because there is no money for posters or other supplemental materials. The school gives us textbooks, that's it. The rest of the magic comes straight from our own pockets." ~via Ms. R.


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  • *That* parent 3 of 12

    "A drop-in parent visit from that parent that didn't want their child to get me because they heard 'I was hard.' They've come to 'put me on notice' that their child always gets A's , so if they don't, clearly, I must be the problem." ~via Ms. R.


    "The 100 million questions parents all want to ask at meet the teacher!! When you just don't have the time!!!" ~via Ms. A.


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  • Cold & flu season 4 of 12

    "Honestly, the only thing I dread about teaching is cold & flu season. I have a low immune system, so sniffles or an uncovered cough from a student can knock me down quickly." ~Ms. B.


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  • Leaving my child 5 of 12

    "Leaving my own kids." ~Ms. B.


    "After a summer home with my kids, we both have a hard time saying goodbye." ~via Mr. G. 


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  • Waking up early 6 of 12

    "I'm dreading the alarm clock! I am NOT a morning person and have been known to royally screw up my math lessons in first period!" ~via Ms. M.


    "Waking up early is the hardest part! I miss my pajamas! I miss the freedom of going to the bathroom when I want. I miss the summer:). It's hard to get back into a groove at first." ~via Ms. V.


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  • Large class sizes 7 of 12

    "Faculty meetings and large class sizes! I have an 11th grade class of 39! WTH! So much for the class size amendment..." ~via Ms. H.


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  • Homework 8 of 12

    "Grading homework. Parents and kids hate homework, but not nearly as much as teachers do!" ~via Ms. A.


    "Homework. If you only knew how much homework teachers have to grade. My kids are always saying, 'MORE homework? Aren't you done yet?!'" ~via Ms. K.


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  • Standardized tests 9 of 12

    "Emphasis on Standardized Scores and not the students." ~via Dr. A.


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  • Lesson plans 10 of 12

    "I'm the kind of teacher who does better with a loose lesson plan. I teach based on my kids' level of understanding. I fully understand the need for lesson plans and I create and follow them, but I'm just not as detailed or stringent as others think I should be." ~Ms. O.


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  • The stress 11 of 12

    "It's hard to remain calm and patient all of the time. There are students and parents who make it very difficult. I love my job and believe in every student I have, but caring so much causes me a lot of stress." ~via Ms. B.


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  • Nothing 12 of 12

    "As a new teacher? NOTHING. I'm thrilled I'll be working in a school at ALL." ~via Mr. T.


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What are YOU dreading most about going back-to-school?

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