Teaching Your Kids The Family Business

learning the family businessI’ve been in radio for nearly 23 years, I’ve been a dad for nearly 6.

For the first 17 years of that equation, I was quite comfortable with putting my name, and face everywhere and anywhere I could for exposure. As early as my second year in broadcasting I was writing a column for the local paper with my mug attached to the byline each week. By my third year I was freelancing on tv. I started blogging in 1996, and I’ve been telling stories ever since.

It shouldn’t come as too much of a shock, then, that I’m not afraid to put my kids out there too. In addition to being plastered all over my blogs, my boys have been on the radio, in the newspaper, and on tv – and none of it bothers them. Okay, they’re 5 1/2 and 3, not much will bother them, but they get a kick out of seeing themselves on tv, in a newspaper, or hearing themselves on the radio.

They are naturals around cameras, and microphones. Zacharie loves to sing the call letters of the radio stations I work at, and Charlie will often say “Hey Daddy! That’s you!” when he hears my voice on a recorded commercial.

This weekend I brought Charlie with me for a visit to Global TV Calgary for my weekly Tech Buzz segment. My piece was on tech gifts for kids for Christmas, so the idea was to have Charlie on a couch playing some apps I was featuring that would be shown on the screen.

He loved seeing the cameras, and watching the monitors. When my segment started and the theme music came over the speakers, he perked up. And, just like his brother so many times before him, Charlie got a piece of the spotlight with a cute camera shot on the couch.

My boys, media superstars just like their father and I couldn’t be prouder.

Here are some pictures over the years of the media appearances my boys have made:

  • 24 Hours 1 of 22
    24 Hours
    My wife was thrilled the first time Z made it into the paper, so she framed the article. It was just the beginning.
  • Virgin Radio 2 of 22
    Virgin Radio
    Okay, hardly a peep was made during this radio appearance, and I admit to being the Pageant Dad manipulating him with the mic.
  • Virgin Radio 3 of 22
    Virgin Radio
    The headphones don't quite fit, you're right.
  • 95 Crave 4 of 22
    95 Crave
    Zacharie would often come and visit me on location, at this broadcast he stole my show.
  • 95 Crave 5 of 22
    95 Crave
    Zacharie would often come and visit me on location, at this broadcast he stole my show.
  • The Vancouver Sun 6 of 22
    The Vancouver Sun
    Zacharie and I profiled in The Vancouver Sun on the changing face of fatherhood.
  • Global TV Vancouver 7 of 22
    Global TV Vancouver
    When I launched DadCAMP in September, 2009, I was invited to come on the weekend news to talk about it and Z came along.
  • Global TV Vancouver 8 of 22
    Global TV Vancouver
    Helping to launch DadCAMP.
  • 24 Hours 9 of 22
    24 Hours
    Zacharie on the front page of the paper showing off his Canucks spirit during a playoff run.
  • AMP Radio 10 of 22
    AMP Radio
    I was broadcasting from a car dealership and Zacharie loved talking in the mic and hearing his voice in the headphones.
  • AMP Radio 11 of 22
    AMP Radio
    Getting to the heart of the story interviewing a local dog.
  • Metro 12 of 22
    Zacharie chipping in for charity and getting some face time for it.
  • Cheerios 13 of 22
    Charlie was on a Cheerios box in 2011, and will be back featured as the 'face of the franchise' in 2013.
  • The Globe and Mail 14 of 22
    The Globe and Mail
    An appearance on the front page of the national newspaper for a story on The Elf on the Shelf.
  • The Globe and Mail 15 of 22
    The Globe and Mail
    And a huge photo in the feature article.
  • The Globe and Mail 16 of 22
    The Globe and Mail
    Front page of the Life section too.
  • The Calgary Herald 17 of 22
    The Calgary Herald
    Mamas, it's okay if you let your babies grow up to be media stars.
  • Fox and Friends 18 of 22
    Fox and Friends
    Our faces were pretty much omnipresent for a week during the 'favorite kid' thing including CNN, ABC, and more.
  • Metro 19 of 22
    Yeah, that favorite kid thing had my face (and theirs) everywhere.
  • XL 103 20 of 22
    XL 103
    Zacharie really got into it during his last appearance on my radio show.
  • XL 103 21 of 22
    XL 103
    Sitting in with me this fall on my radio show.
  • Global TV Calgary 22 of 22
    Global TV Calgary
    Charlie's job was to sit on the couch and play with the iPad - he aced it.

All images via Buzz Bishop. No use without permission.

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