That Time We Took a Family Vacation to Hawaii and Snapped a Whole Bunch of Pictures

In my post last week, I told you that during my Babble hiatus we took our first real life family vacation to Hawaii. It was also the first time we’d ever been on an airplane together, so you can imagine how big of a deal this was for my family.

We’re not vacationy folks, probably because vacations cost big dollars and I’m just so financially responsible that life becomes unfun. I’m like, “Two-thousand dollars for a vacation?! I have property taxes due in six months!” This kind of frugal thinking has led to a lifetime of thrifty staycations and Redbox benders, but now having finally gone on a real vacation, I finally understand why people plunk down the money.

Some things I learned on my first-ever vacation:

1. Vacation magic is worth the cost.

2. It’s important to breathe new air, the kind you only get in a different time zone. Your body knows.

3. In life, all we really have are our memories.

With that, allow me to share our treasured family vacation photos just like your dear Aunt Bea; I only wish I brought y’all macadamia nuts to enjoy with them.

  • BooBoo’s 1st time on a plane! 1 of 37

    I guess the slide caption says it all. BooBoo may not look excited but he was.

  • Thrifty Rent-A-Car 2 of 37

    Hawaii, we are IN you! And waiting for our swagger van.

  • Show tune arms 3 of 37

    I guess you could say I was a little bit excited to be in Kona.

  • This didn’t suck 4 of 37

    And the company wasn't too shabby either. View from our balcony.

  • Where to? 5 of 37

    Boy Wonder and his aunt planned a ridiculously dangerous hike for our first full day. Grrrrreat...

  • Before the hike 6 of 37
    Picture 3688

    Smile pretty everyone, this will likely be our last picture together as a family because I'm pretty sure at least one of us isn't going to make it out of this hike alive.

  • Told ya 7 of 37
    Picture 3803

    Welcome to the entry of  hell the Pololu Valley hike.

  • Here we go 8 of 37
    Picture 3699

    Lagging behind as always. Baby steps, baby steps.

  • Deep breath 9 of 37
    Picture 3718

    Don't look down, or do look down? Agh!!!! Baby steps, baby steps, easy does it...

  • The view 10 of 37

    This breathtaking view wouldn't be the worst place to die, I suppose.

  • We made it! 11 of 37
    Picture 3747

    Hallelujah! We made it to the bottom alive. Check out this gorgeous black sand beach!

  • Swingers 12 of 37
    Picture 3786

    Check out this makeshift swing we found!

  • Happy rocks 13 of 37
    Picture 3764

    When even the rocks are happy, you know you've stumbled upon something special.

  • Holy $#@! 14 of 37

    Unfortunately, what goes down must drag their sweaty asses back up. OMG was this hard.

  • Chillin’ 15 of 37

    The kidlets enjoyed lounging around near the crisp ocean air.

  • The beach 16 of 37

    This gorgeous private beach not only had a breathtaking view...

  • Mai Tai time! 17 of 37

    ...but they served killer Mai Tai's! Cheers!

  • Scuba brothers 18 of 37
    Picture 3997

    These kids dove right in with no fear!

  • Paddleboarding 19 of 37
    Picture 3988

    Stop looking at my ghost white legs, I beg of you.

  • Big fish 20 of 37
    Picture 3975

    Clear water and a very happy boy!

  • Kissy-kissy 21 of 37
    Picture 3988 (2)

    What can I say? The view turned me on.

  • Geckos 22 of 37

    These little geckos can be found everywhere and they're awesome, as long as they stay outside.

  • People I don’t know 23 of 37
    Picture 3809

    Nice view of strangers having fun.

  • The real reason I’m showing this picture… 24 of 37
    IMG_5395 because I love this headband and I wanted y'all to see it.

  • Coconut milk 25 of 37
    Picture 3649

    Boy Wonder was a fan. Boo...not so much.

  • Nutty coconuts 26 of 37
    Picture 3651

    My husband and a coconut bra because, obviously.

  • The wi-fi sucked 27 of 37
    Picture 3660

    But at least I had 3G and yes, that IS an iPhone 3.

  • Ouch 28 of 37

    My husband woke up with a "boob leg" after having gotten stung a few days earlier. This picture has nothing to do with our trip other than the fact that it looked disgusting and yes, like a boob.

  • Killer Tacos 29 of 37

    If you're ever in Kona, visit Killer Tacos. I'm not joking. Their tacos are a religious experience.

  • Best coffee ever 30 of 37

    You don't visit Kona and not drink 10 billion gallons of coffee, because that would be wrong.

  • Baby’s 1st decaf 31 of 37

    Boy Wonder's only 10 years old but even he wanted to know what all the coffee fuss was about.

  • Magic moment 32 of 37
    Picture 3902


  • King of Spamland 33 of 37
    Picture 4099

    So Kona's Target has a whole Spam section for Spam super freaks like Big Daddy P.

  • Luau view 34 of 37
    Picture 4010

    My handsome boys are dressed up for the luau.

  • Earth oven 35 of 37
    Picture 4049

    You guys, I highly recommend eating anything cooked in an earth oven.

  • Hawaiian dancers 36 of 37
    Picture 4070

    I taught 'em everything they know.

  • Goodbye Kona 37 of 37

    We were so sad to leave but the memories will last a lifetime!

Have you ever been on a magical family vacation? Where did you go?

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