That's So Gay, It's Retarded.

Valentina Guererro DC Kids
Valentina Guerrero for DC Kids

Warning. Here comes a rant.

I can’t walk through any party, gathering, mall, restaurant, or situation without hearing 2 phrases that make me bristle.

Heck, I hear them in my workplace (a radio station) almost every day.

That’s so gay.”

That’s retarded.

My best friend is gay. A colleague of more than two decades has a son with Down syndrome.

I’m close to the issue, so it’s expected I would cringe whenever I hear anyone drop either of those phrases.

The language of youth has accepted these phrases to equal stupid, ugly, dumb or unacceptable.

Frankly, that’s just as unacceptable as dropping an n bomb on Mr President.

My best friend is not stupid, ugly, dumb or unacceptable.

Neither is his partner.

My friend’s son is not stupid, ugly, dumb or unacceptable.

Neither is Valentina Guerrero, a very cute 10-month-old girl who has made headlines around the web this week after being chosen as the face of DC Kids swimwear  (her picture is at the top of this page).  She’s not just one model, she’s the face.  She is to DC Kids as Kate Upton is to Sports Illustrated.

That’s so gay, it’s retarded.

No, it’s a person worthy of your respect. So give it to them.

When you use these phrases it exposes you as the one who is stupid, ugly, dumb, and unacceptable.

Just ask Chick-Fil-A.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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