"That's What She Said" & Other Phrases Parents Mutter Under Our Breath

I have said it before and this is probably not the last time you will hear me say it — parenting is hard. It’s isolating and sometimes when we are stuck deep into the thick of the kids, the housework, the I-haven’t-showered-in-3-days and even when it’s calm, there are times where it just gets to be too much.

There is this struggle between being a human being and trying to be the perfect parent where things collide and you realize something needs to give. For me, that means muttering things out loud that I probably shouldn’t say. I would love to yell them as my instinct tells me to do, but that ‘I want my kids to still love me‘ thing takes over and whispering under my breath seems to be the better choice.

Click through for the common phrases parents tend to mutter to ourselves:

  • “That’s what she said” 1 of 8
    "That's what she said"
    So inappropriate, yet so funny for those of us with a strange sense of humor.
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  • “Shut up” /”Oh, be quiet” 2 of 8
    "Shut up" /"Oh, be quiet"
    I try hard not to say these to my kids - some days it boils up and I mutter to myself.
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  • “Not again” 3 of 8
    "Not again"
    You know when it's the 1000th time you kid has spilled their water or needed help putting Barbie clothes on.
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  • “I want a nap” 4 of 8
    "I want a nap"
    Usually muttered to ourselves during a scream-fit from the younger kids.
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  • “Only 1 hour left” 5 of 8
    "Only 1 hour left"
    ... until the other parent gets home/ kids are in bed/ wine will be opened.
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  • “Excuuuuse me” 6 of 8
    "Excuuuuse me"
    I often mutter this to myself when one of my kids has an attitude.
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  • <<>> 7 of 8
    If you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all. Technically this isn't saying anything, but it works.
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  • “Just *&%$ing sleep already” 8 of 8
    "Just *&%$ing sleep already"
    Try and tell me you haven't muttered this to yourself at least once.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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